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The Special One signs with Yahoo and starts blogging on Tumblr

Yesterday it was announced that Chelsea boss José Mourinho had signed up to be Yahoo’s ‘Global Football Ambassador’ for 2014.  The announcement itself was only moderately interesting…. until digging a bit deeper into it.

In a clever move by Yahoo, as they look to steal back some of the audience that have moved onto other sites/platforms during the last few years., they have brought The Special One into the fans space.

By launching a new Tumblr blog for José it means that he will be giving his insights about the Premier League and World Cup on a platform that is very relevant to a huge number of people.

Suddenly it turns from a normal commercial deal into one that has an interesting twist to it.  In his first post he says

“The reason I have chosen to partner with Yahoo is simple.  I want to connect with millions of football fans around the globe, and teaming up with Yahoo as well as Tumblr lets me reach a huge audience from Brazil to the US to the UK – whether they are in front of their computers or on their smartphones or tablets. I only associate with the best, and this is both an exciting and prestigious opportunity.”

Hopefully his analysis on the blogging platform will be as entertaining as some of his press conferences!  We can only hope that he isn’t overly edited and that he brings his personality to Tumblr.

It’s a good move from Yahoo and one that could see their image start to shift in the minds of football fans.  They tried over the last couple of years with Premier League digital rights, something they did very little with and were more than happy to give up.  


It could also see a new wave of sign ups for Tumblr as they compete with the other big platforms for attention during this massive year for sport.  After working on the initial launch of the adidas football Tumblr account ahead of the European Championships I know that there is a big audience for football content on the platform.  Yahoo are now looking to tap into this.

As with all blogs, the regularity and quality of the content will be the making or breaking of it.  Aside from his opening post about the announcement, he also chats to a reporter about his thoughts on the World Cup in an interesting short video.  So far so good.

You can catch his new blog at http://mourinhoforyahoo.tumblr.com




adidas launch new Tumblr website to provide fans with a unique experience of UEFA Euro 2012

Today adidas announced the launch of their official Tumblr football profile which will see the world’s leading football brand use Tumblr’ sponsorship packages to showcase unique content from the world of football, on and off the pitch.

The new Tumblr profile will offer visitors an inspirational and unique look inside the world of adidas and its involvement in football. To mark the beginning of an exciting new football offering, adidas has teamed up with motion graphics editor Thiago Maia to create a launch video that gives viewers an early insight into what to expect from the site. The film features leading footballers from the past and the present, including Leo Messi, Xabi Alonso, Iker Casillas, Franz Beckenbauer, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham.

The launch coincides with UEFA Euro 2012, where adidas will be working with a variety of talented content producers to create cutting edge visual content that showcases the real culture of football and adidas’s love of the game.

EURO 2012 is the immediate focus for the page, and adidas has sent out respected football blogger Laurence McKenna from EPL Talk to cover the tournament for and produce daily podcasts live from Krakow in Poland.  But they have also sent across highly regarded Hypebeast Photographer Ravi Sidhu who will capture lifestyle focused photography – focusing on telling the story of the tournament through the eyes of the fans.

adidas are also part of a pilot project in conjunction with tumblr where they are trialing their latest advertising model, and are the very first brand to do so.  The profile will be promoted through Tumblr’s new sponsorship opportunities, which allow brands to feature their posts in the Tumblr dashboard’s ‘Radar’ section, and take advantage of premium space in the Tumblr ‘Spotlight.’ adidas football’s Tumblr will be featured under the Sports ‘Spotlight’, and multiple posts will be highlighted in the ‘Radar’ during UEFA Euro 2012.

The tournament will also be presented through the latest visual techniques, creating high quality content that will be exclusive to the adidas Football Tumblr page. adidas has partnered with an up-and-coming film crew, The OMC, to capture the emotion and passion of the fan parks using innovative and under-used cameras to bring UEFA Euro2012 to life in a new way.

Alongside this new content, the adidas Football Tumblr page will celebrate the brand’s heritage in football. It will showcase the successes enjoyed by various adidas teams and players over the years, including defending champions Spain as they head into UEFA EURO 2012 to defend the title they won in 2008. The new Tumblr page will also be home to a striking range of photography of adidas products and specially commissioned artwork that demonstrates the products and the technology behind them in a new light.

Tom Ramsden, adidas Global Brand Marketing Director Football comments on the significance of the new partnership: “The partnership with Tumblr around UEFA Euro 2012 represents an exciting move for adidas Football as we start to communicate with fans in a new way, beyond typical football communications channels. We will use Tumblr to share unique content with fans; combining material from our vast footballing archive with fresh, new content produced in real time by a lineup of exciting, up and coming producers.”

Tumblr VP of Product Derek Gottfrid comments: “We’re absolutely thrilled that adidas is doing such world-class creative storytelling on tumblr. adidas is building a rich and engaging site with spectacular visuals to express their truly deep passion for football. The live event coverage they have planned for UEFA Euro 2012 will be totally captivating to the international community of football fans. When a brand shares great creative content on Tumblr, our community is happy to follow along and amplify the messaging via reblog. This is the type of innovative marketing effort that we’re proud to be at the heart of, and we can’t wait to show it off in the Tumblr Radar and the Tumblr Spotlight.”

The adidas Football Tumblr page will continue to bring fans closer to the brand and the players they love beyond UEFA Euro 2012, beginning with the new European domestic season.

To view the new adidas Football Tumblr page visit adidasfootball.tumblr.com

(disclosure: adidas are a client)

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Liverpool’s zen Tumblr blog

Guest Post:  Tom Hines is Digital Media Editor for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and occasional contributor to UK Sports Network.


With the odd exception, less is more when it comes to social media initiatives. The simpler you can make them the more likely people are to engage, it’s why I’ve never been a fan of Facebook apps – permissions tend to get in the way of engagement.

This premise throws up a tricky little challenge though. How do you make an easy, casual engagement into something meaningful for your brand? Enter Liverpool FC’s new Tumblr image blog as a shining example.

The club has a huge archive of images dating back decades, useful for a brand whose history forms a big part of its identity. They are posting one or two of these images each day with a couple of paragraphs explaining the picture, and the result ticks a load of boxes for the social media marketeer.

  • It is bang on brand, reinforcing the history of success at the club
  • It educates fans around past icons and stories, giving them a deeper engagement with the club
  • The content is great and utterly shareable. My experience on the RFU’s social channels has shown that images are consistently the most viral type of content
  • Because its dealing in archive footage fan engagement is not so dependent on the vagaries of team performance
  • It’s very Pinable
  • Thanks to a link to the clubs online print store the content can be immediately and directly monetised.
Liverpool say of the blog;
“We’ve launched it to share the history of Liverpool Football Club to a new online audience in the 21st century. Rather than employ endless streams of words in a digital age where the attention span of many online users is shorter than ever, we’re using photographs to tell this unique story – all sourced from a club archive of over 40,000 prints. Some choices will be iconic images you will have seen before but many others have never been published until now.”
“Every week, we’ll add a few more pictures for you to enjoy and if you really like them, each photograph is instantly available to order online from the Official LFC Picture Store by simply clicking on the image. Whether you simply want a high quality print, canvas or framed version of a classic photo, the choice is yours. Or maybe, you just want to enjoy the pictures on this blog. Either way, we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the captions as much as we’re enjoying putting it together.”

All-in-all, not a bad return for posting a few pictures on Tumblr!




Opening the Doors – the RFU and Tumblr

Guest post – written by Tom Hines, Digital Media Editor at the RFU

We recently launched a fairly un-corporate corporate blog at the RFU (Rugby Football Union). Dubbed RFU Labs it’s a place for the RFU’s digital team and agency (Aqueduct) to give an insight into upcoming digital projects, and more importantly garner input from rugby fans and digital professionals.

Corporate blogs are of course nothing new, but when we started kicking the idea around with Aqueduct it brought up some interesting questions for me about how obliged sports clubs and governing bodies are to use this kind of platform to communicate with fans, members and participants.

The benefits to us as a digital team and to the organisation were clear, we could gain some user insight at the build stage of digital projects. As a piece of PR it helps to chip away at the long-standing and false perception that the RFU is full of walnut panelling, flannel suits and blazers.

Beyond this though, do clubs, teams and governing bodies actually have a duty to virtually open the doors of their headquarters? To use social media platforms to improve their transparency and give members more of a say?

The case is strong for governing bodies, who are custodians of a sport, not owners of it. The RFU has been criticised in the past for Twickenham being too detached from the grassroots game around the country. Social and digital channels give an excellent way of closing that gap and letting members and players see more of what’s going on, and have a voice in reaction.

For top-class clubs it’s less well defined, but I’d argue that they have an obligation to their consumers that other brands do not. If Pepsi change their recipe without consulting their consumers I can go and buy Coke instead, but if Spurs make large scale changes without consulting fans the choice to switch brand to another club is not an option for most. This is a huge benefit for top flight clubs, but a benefit that brings with it big responsibilities.  An active presence in social is now one of those responsibilities.