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Barclays Premier League Champions, Manchester City have become the first Premier League Club to launch a dedicated second screen matchday app with live video replay technology.

Launched ahead of City’s upcoming derby clash with Manchester United which is set to be viewed by millions around the world, the new app is packed with exciting and innovative features.

Fans will be able to take control of the action on the pitch by re-watching and analysing on field play, instantly from their mobile devices.

Whether supporters are sitting in their favourite seat at the Etihad Stadium, on the move, or watching from their sofa on the other side of the globe, Manchester City’s new smartphone app will transport them behind-the-scenes to the heart of the action on matchday.

Initially available to download for free on iPhone and Android, CityMatchday will enable legions of fans from across the world, from Beswick to Buenos Aires and Burnage to Beijing to experience CityTV Live, in the palm of their hands.

The next best thing to being in the Etihad Stadium, CityTV Live is one of three video channels available through the app and is crammed with exclusive, live behind-the-scenes video content including the line-up announcement and pre-match player interviews as they step off the team bus.

Users can also watch live footage direct from the players’ tunnel, the post-match managers’ press conferences, and in-match and half-time commentary from Club pundits, fans and special guests.

In addition to CityTV Live, users watching the game at the Etihad Stadium can harness the power of the recently introduced free, high speed WiFi to stream two additional live video channels to their mobile devices.

A ‘Highlights’ channel will allow fans to watch multi-camera angle replays of important incidents in the match, including those conversation-shaping controversial decisions.

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Meanwhile, Tactical Cam will give fans a view of the match from high above the pitch, providing a unique look at formations, passing and pressing lines, and other tactical movements.

A ‘rewind 30 seconds’ function will also be available across all the live in-stadium video channels, giving fans the ability to rewind at the touch of a button.

Commenting on the launch of CityMatchday, Manchester City’s Director of Media and Fan Relationship Management, Diego Gigliani, said:

“Football is much more than just the 90 minutes on the pitch.  The matchday ritual begins for many fans the moment they wake up in the morning.  The anticipation during the build up to the game and the emotions afterwards are what makes it so special. This is what we wanted to try and capture and share with our fans, wherever they’re supporting us from.

“As a Club, we have always prided ourselves on digital innovation and continually trying to push the boundaries of what is possible to ensure our fans have a great time supporting their team.  This philosophy not only lies at the heart of our fan engagement, but also our aim to create the world’s most immersive digital matchday experience.”

In addition to its exclusive live video channels, the CityMatchday app comprises all the benefits and functions you’d expect, designed to keep fans engaged, informed and on the edge or their seats.

To encourage interaction and participation among fans, the app offers supporters the chance to play several simple but fun games throughout the build-up and the match itself, such as Guess the Starting Eleven, Guess the Score and Scorers, Be the Ref and voting for the Man of the Match.  Participants will earn points based on correct answers, with prizes awarded to each matchday’s highest scorer.

Fans who love the science behind the beautiful game will be able to feast on real-time match stats and graphics ranging from possession, attempts on goal, fouls, off-sides and corners to name but a few.

Additional features include live radio commentary from the BBC, real-time score updates from other matches, team sheets, league tables, photo galleries, and a live blogging ‘wall’ that pulls in photos, tweets, and Vines from across the social conversation.

Fans will be able to get up close and personal with the CityMatchday app for the first time during the build-up to City’s derby clash with Manchester United, on November 2nd.


Digital Sport Interviews…. Shergul Arshad, CEO of Mondogoal (and former Head of Digital at AS Roma)

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In this first ‘Digital Sport Interviews…’ video, I get to chat with the CEO of Mondogoal (and  former Head of Digital at AS Roma) Shergul Arshad about fantasy football, digital and AS Roma.

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Connecting Your Audience to the Sport

Guest Post: David Johnson is Commercial Director at Skylab. David has vast experience as a digital video content strategist, and as a broadcast manager for the 2004 Olympic Games, two FIFA World Cups, two UEFA Euros, and a UEFA Champions League Final. He is also an award-winning creative director/producer.

How many people walk through the doors to a sports venue each time there’s a major event, is it hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands, perhaps? The possibility of connecting with each  and every of them and deliver tailor made content directly to them has never been more real thanks to the continually and rapidly developing digital landscape.

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Harnessing the Power of Mobile to Provide the Ultimate Fan Experience

Guest Post: David Johnson is the Commercial Director at Skylab, who has vast experience as a digital video content strategist, and as a broadcast manager for the 2004 Olympic Games, two FIFA World Cups, two UEFA Euros, and a UEFA Champions League Final. He is also an award-winning creative director/producer.

There is an increasing appetite for media-rich experiences delivered on mobile devices, with 5.6 billion mobile devices estimated to be in use by 2015 globally, and the trend will continue at an increasingly rapid rate accompanied by a projected increase of over 2,600 per cent in mobile data transfers.

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The revolution will be broadcast in 6-seconds

This is a guest post by Luca Massaro, Managing Director of We Play. We Play are a digital sports agency that specialise in commercialising the relationship between brands and sports fans.

Owned by Twitter and released less than two years ago, mobile storytelling platform Vine has so far been one of the great success stories of the social media revolution. Its rise has been meteoric in that time and few – if any – Internet users will not have stopped to watch one of the platform’s 1 billion daily loops. Suffice to say, Vine has changed the way marketing teams think of the medium of video.

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An update from this years event…

The introduction of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) at this year’s Ryder Cup has proved a huge success with almost 45,000 interactions across the six day tournament, 23-28 September.

  • 46% of visitors pre-registered wristbands
  • 44,527 total interactions
  • 33 RFID social media touch points located across the course
  • Seven different activations to take part in, including BMW, Standard Life Investments and Sky Sports activations
  • 59,176 email accounts linked to wristbands
  • 44% of people who took part were aged 45-65
  • 5,818 miles walked by visitors on the ‘Walk the Course’ activation

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Europe retain the Ryder Cup – How it played out on social media

Yesterday saw the by then expected win for Team Europe as they took their 10-6 overnight lead from Saturday and turned it into a 16 1/2 – 11 1/2 win.

Over the course of the week, the buzz was building for the Gleneagles based tournament as the best players from the US and Europe went head-to-head.

But there were also big things happening away from the main play, as organisers looked to make it the most digital golf event ever.  With 3 main Twitter accounts being the ones to follow, with @rydercup, @rydercupEUROPE and @rydercupUSA. The event is also great in the fact that so many of players are very active on social media, especially Twitter. Giving fans great insights into what goes on behind the scenes.

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RFID Digital Activations Will Give Ryder Cup Fans Best Experience Ever

Tomorrow sees the start of one of the most anticipated sports events of the year, the Ryder Cup.  Where the best talent from Europe take on the might of the US on the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles, Scotland in the ultimate team golf tournament.

But away from what the players are doing on the course there will be plenty happening to give fans more information, entertainment and interaction than ever before. Earlier in the summer we spoke to the R&A’s Kevin Bain about their plans for the British Open, this event takes it onto the next level for fan engagement.

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How will wearable technology impact social marketing for sports brands?

Saf Hossain is a Social Media Manager at We Play. We Play is a London-based sports social media agency helping brands commercialise their relationship with fans.

In an announcement that surprised very few people last week, Cupertino’s finest revealed the first ever Apple Watch. Many commentators are predicting that, like mp3 players, smartphones and tablets, Apple’s arrival into the smartwatch market provides wearable technology with mainstream appeal and long-term staying power.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 09.42.28

The Sports Technology Awards – Celebrating the Sector’s Cutting Edge

Even the most casual of sports fan cannot fail to have noticed the increasing influence technology has on sport and for people at the sharp end of the industry, this influence is even more significant.

The coaches, referees, broadcasters and athletes who are immersed daily in sport, prosper hugely from technology’s offerings and so it’s only right that the people behind the innovations are justly recognized.

In a year that has seen a World Cup, an Olympics, a Commonwealth Games and a Ryder Cup as well as the launch of new initiatives such as Formula E, there have been some stand-out uses of technology. The introduction of goal line technology at the World Cup finals caused headlines before the tournament, whilst vanishing foam captured audiences’ attention during the contest.

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