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Valencia CF provide exclusive real-time HD video content to fans in stadium

During the last Spanish League match played at the Mestalla stadium, Vodafone’s 4G network was successfully used to test a new unique technology and a new application that provides exclusive real-time video content in high density locations, revolutionising video delivery across mobile networks

LTE Broadcast –also known as evolved Multimedia Broadcast Service (eMBMS)-, puts no additional load on the network, enabling smartphone users in device dense locations to watch HD video content in high-quality.

The technology distributes the signal to an unlimited number of recipients and the user only needs an application and a 4G-enabled device able to support the LTE Broadcast technology.

The application lets all users in the stadium engage with multiple rich content such as stats, virtual recreation, behind the scenes videos, fans videos and social feeds, allowing real time mobile engagement between all fans.

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Barclays Premier League Champions, Manchester City have become the first Premier League Club to launch a dedicated second screen matchday app with live video replay technology.

Launched ahead of City’s upcoming derby clash with Manchester United which is set to be viewed by millions around the world, the new app is packed with exciting and innovative features.


Connecting Your Audience to the Sport

Guest Post: David Johnson is Commercial Director at Skylab. David has vast experience as a digital video content strategist, and as a broadcast manager for the 2004 Olympic Games, two FIFA World Cups, two UEFA Euros, and a UEFA Champions League Final. He is also an award-winning creative director/producer.

How many people walk through the doors to a sports venue each time there’s a major event, is it hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands, perhaps? The possibility of connecting with each  and every of them and deliver tailor made content directly to them has never been more real thanks to the continually and rapidly developing digital landscape.

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Harnessing the Power of Mobile to Provide the Ultimate Fan Experience

Guest Post: David Johnson is the Commercial Director at Skylab, who has vast experience as a digital video content strategist, and as a broadcast manager for the 2004 Olympic Games, two FIFA World Cups, two UEFA Euros, and a UEFA Champions League Final. He is also an award-winning creative director/producer.

There is an increasing appetite for media-rich experiences delivered on mobile devices, with 5.6 billion mobile devices estimated to be in use by 2015 globally, and the trend will continue at an increasingly rapid rate accompanied by a projected increase of over 2,600 per cent in mobile data transfers.

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Record breaking fixtures release day for the Football League on digital

Last month saw one of the most anticipated days in the football league calendar take place, the release of the 2014/15 season fixtures.

The Sky Bet Championship, Sky bet League 1 and 2 fixtures were revealed at 9am across all club websites on Wednesday 18th June. The clamor to get this information first led to nearly 2.5m page views in 24 hours!

A whole series of stats saw a record breaking day for the Football League on digital. The league and its technology partners, Sapient Nitro, Perform Group, Scribble Live and Akamai worked closely together to ensure fans got all the news and info they would need across multiple devices and in time. This led to some interesting stats;

  • 1,002,228 unique visitors across club sites and football-league.com
  • This was a 30% increase on the 736,993 on the same day in 2013
  • Total page views were up 75% to 2,411,426
  • Fans spent on average 2 minutes on their mobile, compared with 30 seconds last year
  • Nearly 674k views on mobile, an increase of 135%

So what led to these dramatic increases? We caught up quickly with the Football League’s Digital Director Russell Scott to find out more. One of main questions was how they managed to increase time fans spent on mobile so dramatically. It turns out there were two key changes that have taken place during the last year;

1. Content, and loads of it. The volume of content produced by clubs over the last 12 months has more than doubled, quite simply twice as much for fans to look at. More importantly the clubs use of content schedules and live blogging have enabled them to produce more engaging content that entertains fans and keeps them coming back for more.

2. We recently launched a new mobile site for all clubs. A simple responsive site that focuses on surfacing a large amount of short-form scrollable shareable content. The change is having a significant impact on user behavior, frequency of visit is growing steadily and user numbers are climbing significantly (YoY growth of around 40% last month). Clearly this again underpinned by the great content clubs are publishing. Of particular note are the clubs who schedule in early morning news every day, fans quickly learn that visiting the club site before 8 in the morning is a rewarding experience and we see overall mobile audience grow.


Fixture release day is the biggest day for football; club websites, with transfer deadline days being the only other dates that generate a similar amount of traffic. Thus it’s key to getting it right and all the partners have a role to play in it.

Sapient Nitro planned a key role in ensuring that all the fixtures were released at exactly 9am across all 90 club sites in one go with no delay, as well as planning to manage a high capacity audience (peaked at over 60k concurrent users just after 9am).

Scribble Live was used to power the club wall page or a dedicated fixture release live blog embedded in an article on each club site. Enabling clubs to publish immediate reaction to the fixtures and then follow that with views from others in the club, fans and pull content from social media.

Meanwhile, Perform published the fixtures across football-league.com and ensured all references in the Player product were updated. And the Akamai platform was used to manage content delivery and ensure site speed was high even under the high variable number of users. A true team effort!

“The day of the fixtures release is always the biggest day of the year for club websites so we’re delighted to breaks records once again. The Football League interactive network of 90 clubs across the Premier League, Football League and Football Conference has once again demonstrated the great strength of all these clubs working together.”

It sounds like there are more plans afoot for the new season, which I hope to catch up with Russell and speak to him about for the site in the next few weeks.


Scarlets Rugby bring Season Ticket flyer to life using AR

Welsh rugby club, Scarlets Rugby, have teamed up with augmented reality innovators Blippar to launch a new interactive flyer in a bid to get a sales boost of 2014/15 season tickets .

Blippar is the leading mobile image-recognition platform for publishers, brands and advertisers and brings all types of print products to life. Aside from Scarlets Rugby they have worked with Pepsi, TIME Inc, Unilever, Nestle, P&G, Jaguar and many others. So the club’s in good company!

The ‘Invest. Inspire. Ignite.’ flyer launched today gives the reader a through-the-looking-glass view of Scarlets matchday including a walk through the home dressing room. With the help of Blippar, the Scarlets bring the static, physical world to life enhancing supporters’ Parc y Scarlets matchday experience wherever they are.

“As a leading sports club and facilities venue we have already showed our ambition to become a showcase for energy efficiency within stadia environments shortlisted as one of six finalists across the globe in Stadium Business Summit Awards. Today’s release of our interactive flyer shows what ambition we have to make strides in other areas of the business.

Scarlets is a name that resonates across the rugby world and we continue to strive to be the best. We are excited by the release of our interactive flyer and hope that our supporters will welcome this interactive communication tool. This is merely a taste of what’s to come!” – Scarlets General Manager, Jon Daniels


It’s an interesting move, a first for a UK rugby club. We’ve seen glimpses of the use of AR in sport before through the Aurasma‘s sponsorship of Tottenham Hotspur. When first announced the new kit launch campaign had AR integrated into it and proved a hit with fans and the industry. And this was back in 2011! But we’ve not seen any major take up, missing out on the possibilities that the use of AR provides. To many it may be seen as cost prohibitive?

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It will be interesting to see both the pick up from trade (and normal) press and, more importantly, the fans. The final measure will be season ticket sales for the 2014-15 season, then it will be seen if it lasts more than the one summer promo.

Love to hear your thoughts below…


New Second Screen Fantasy Football App enables viewers to interact with World Cup matches in Real Time

Ultimate Fan Live yesterday announced a new free mobile app that offers fans a social way to watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Fans who are not able to attend the World Cup in Brazil this summer can play the second screen fantasy football game using any iOS device. Instead of just watching on TV, Ultimate Fan Live players can compete in real time against their Facebook friends in a second screen game that syncs with the live match.

The unique mobile app provides a platform in which up to five friends compete against each other during live matches. They pick players and earn points based on players’ live performance on the pitch. In this way, friends engage with the game in real time and compete to top the Ultimate Fan Live ranks.

“Football viewing is no longer solely a passive spectator experience. Fantasy Football games are outdated, appealing only to hardcore fans that invest for an entire season. The promise of second screen offers an exciting new way to enjoy the World Cup with your friends.” – Sohail Godall, CEO and founder of Ultimate Fan Live.

Unlike traditional fantasy football leagues, Ultimate Fan Live can be used for short 90-minute games, so players do not need to commit for an entire season. It will enable millions of World Cup viewers around the world to have an even deeper level of enjoyment of matches as they try to follow the players in their game and not just those with the ball.

Philip Kelly-Ayo, an engineer who has been one of the app’s beta testers commented: “As Ultimate Fan Live is based on real data it offers a level of social connectivity and a deeper investment in the match being broadcast. It’s also a great source of banter with my friends!”

Ultimate Fan Live is available globally from the App Store for all iOS devices from 10th June 2014 for all 2014 FIFA World Cup live matches.

Introducing Shuffl, the World Cup sweepstake app you should be using

Marmalade on Toast is a small, creative digital agency, based in Winchester. They’re passionate about all things creative and love sport. In 2012 they decided to run our own studio sweepstake for the European Championships, so created their very own web version, rather than cutting out bits of paper! The result was a simple, but effective website: http://euro2012.marmaladeontoast.co.uk/

It was released to the public, and was picked up by a number of users. When the World Cup came up this year, they realised they needed to update the website, and decided to create something truly unique. Hence Shuffl was born. Its designed to work across multiple devices, with groups of friends or colleagues, as you can see below.

With the new app, they wanted to retain the simplicity of the initial idea, but add in a twist. They looked at the way people engage with sports today, and as many people would be connecting via mobile or tablet devices, they realised they had an opportunity to create a cross-platform, cross-device app, with a fun, gaming element.

The idea of Panini stickers was an inspiration, and so they started on mobile, creating simple, graphic ‘cards’ for each team, and then devised a mechanism (the ‘shuffl’) to allow users to flip the cards across each others screens, almost like a roulette wheel. Once they’d tested the app on a few users, they knew it would be much more engaging than a simple sweepstake team selector.

The app launched on 20th May, using social media and email contacts from the original Euro sweepstake. The app has been widely picked up, with over 1000 users signing up within 3 weeks.

Games are stored, tweeted and shared, so that everyone knows just who has who in the World Cup sweepstakes. They’re hoping to take the app further, adapting it with unique designs for all major sporting events such as Wimbledon, the Rugby World Cup, Euro 2016 and beyond. Co-founder of Marmalade on Toast is Simon Harmer;

“Every time I play Shuffl with friends or colleagues, they love it. Its very addictive – my 6-aside team has so far racked up 4 different sweepstakes! I’ve only managed to pick up France and Italy so far, so I’m pushing for another one! The joy is watching the teams spin past on the devices, and waiting to see where Brazil or Spain drop in!”

Good luck to them! Give it a try and run your office sweepstake from http://justshuffl.com

shffl 1



Manchester City become first Premier League club to roll-out full stadium Wi-Fi

Manchester City has become the first-ever Premier League Club to roll-out cutting edge High-Density Wi-Fi throughout their stadium.

With up to 30mb download speed, the large capacity network marks the culmination of a major digital initiative at the club. The free Wi-Fi technology enables fans to take advantage of the club’s range of apps, designed to enhance match-day engagement.

The club recently launched the interactive mobile game City Connect, as well as the travel guide app CityHome, designed specifically with away fans in mind.

The major upgrade to the Etihad Stadium facilities will allow home and away fans to connect through their phone or tablet devices, providing unrivalled levels of connectivity before, during and after games

The High-Density Wi-Fi network, designed and delivered by O2 in conjunction with Cisco is now available throughout the 48,000 capacity stadium, having undergone an extensive installation and testing process.

The new system has been installed throughout the ground, stadium perimeter and BT City Square, the Club’s outdoor fan entertainment zone – in order to enhance the overall visitor experience during live games and future events through mobile technology.

YouTube Preview Image

With the new system in place, fans can now check-in to the stadium on Facebook, tweet about their experiences at the Etihad Stadium, post images on Instagram that could then appear on the stadium jumbo screens and watch pre-match videos on City’s newly released CityApp.

“The launch of High-Density Wi-Fi allows us to offer free, high speed Internet access to all our fans, marking an important step forward in Manchester City’s drive to become the most technologically and digitally advanced football club in the world.

“Mobile technology and social media in particular, play a key role in our fans’ match-day experience. It was, therefore important for us to embrace this growing trend and enable our fans to share their passion for the Club with fellow City supporters around the world, in real time, free of charge, all from the comfort of their seat.” – Diego Gigliani, Director of Marketing, Media & Fan Development

The Wi-Fi roll-out accompanies the re-launch of the club’s primary mobile application, City App. The free-to-download app, updated for iOS’s smartphone and tablet App Stores and newly launched on Android’s Google Play store (on which it has already received user reviews of 4.8 out of 5.0), includes:

  • News: Official Club news and match reports.
  • Videos: Free offering of all the latest CityTV videos including extended highlights, press conferences, news, interviews and features.
  • Match-day Centre: Live text commentary and team sheets of matches in play.
  • Fixtures: Calendar view of upcoming fixtures, downloadable to phone’s calendar.
  • Ticketing: Ticket availability and information to buy.
  • Shop: Mobile-optimised store to browse and purchase MCFC merchandise
  • Social media: Official MCFC Twitter updates.

“This was a technically challenging project, due to the size and scale of the installation process.  The dedicated Stadium Wireless network with significant download speeds allows us to continually innovate at the Etihad Stadium.  We are now able to integrate our social media and newly installed IPTV and ePOS solutions, enhancing the match-day experience of both home and away fans.” – Sanjeev Katwa, IT Director for City Football Group


City AppCity App


THE Football App becomes OneFootball and launches TalkSPORT partnership

THE Football App becomes Onefootball, integrates new Team Stream and announces exclusive talkSPORT Premier League partnership.

The world’s leading football community, THE Football App, has rebranded as Onefootball with immediate effect. With this move, the Berlin-based company of CEO Lucas von Cranach has underlined the intent to further strengthen its position as the primary global platform for football fans to engage and get informed – anytime and anywhere.

To celebrate the new name, the makers of the app have today launched ‘Team Stream’; an entirely new structure that enables users of the platform to stay up to date with all news and events surrounding their favourite team. After updating or downloading the app respectively, users are asked to set their favourite club and national team, true to the company motto, “One team – Onefootball”.

“With our new Team Stream, users can follow their club and get the latest information, results and statistics, all customized to their needs and around their favourite team. Our goal is to bring football and all of its associated emotions to the fans, made-to-measure, no matter where they are located.” – CEO and founder Lucas von Cranach

The new Team Stream integrates social-media sources such as Twitter, delivering the best content from the world of football. Furthermore, Onefootball remains the go-to platform for any information related to the sport, be it results from more than 100 international leagues, videos, news or the latest transfer rumours. All are presented in unparalleled detail and unmatched quality, providing both global and local content, so that every fan has access to the best possible and most relevant information.

Onefootball has additionally partnered with the world’s most famous sports radio station talkSPORT. The partnership includes live and on-demand commentary of all Premier League matches and award-winning shows such as the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, Colin Murray, and Drive with Adrian Durham and Darren Gough. The broadcasts will be available in several languages across continental Europe and South America.

Lucas von Cranach, CEO Onefootball adds, “This partnership will enable our community of football fans to listen to all Premier League matches live and exclusively on Onefootball. The addition of this audio content means we are now able to offer our users the ultimate football experience.”

Kurt Edwards, talkSPORT International Sales Director said, “This exciting new partnership brings together two of the biggest names in football distribution. As Global Audio Partner of the Premier League, this is a perfect way to bring talkSPORT’s exclusive commentaries and wider sports programming to even more passionate football fans around the world alongside Onefootball’s fantastic content.”

First launched in 2008, Onefootball is the most comprehensive football news and networking service. The platform enables fans around the globe to follow their team and features minute-by-minute score updates, news, video content, and statistics across more than 100 leagues worldwide in nine languages. Free to download, it is available for iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Asha devices (through the Nokia store) and Samsung SmartTV.

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