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The Digital Side Of Wimbledon 2013 – Who Is Doing What

The iconic Wimbledon Championships start on Monday, and looking ahead of the stand-out event in the Tennis calendar we’ll be going through what digital activations are around and about.

Where can you watch it?

First and foremost, the BBC are following-up last years’ Olympics Coverage with a similar 360 approach to Wimbledon. Viewers will be able to enjoy up to 10 live streams at once via computer, tablet, mobile and TV. Alongside this, there will be regular highlight clips and a regular column with Andy Murray on BBC Sport.

Sony haven’t got any headline Wimbledon activations but they, in conjunction with the BBC, are reported to be trialling their Ultra HD equipment that will allow them to capture 4K footage of Wimbledon. The BBC will then direct and use to record matches in the new format.

UPDATE: Wimbledon Social Section

On a daily basis Wimbledon, in partnership with IBM will be producing some social stats in relation to the day’s play. This is a great addition and emphasises Wimbledon’s commitment to social media in 2013. For example, today, Wimbledon announced:

– Most positively tweeted about
– Mentions of players
– Total Wimbledon-related tweets
– Tweets/minute or second
– Peak Twitter reach

The page also tracks popular hashtags, showing all photos under a competition hashtag of #shotoftheday and also showing all the Wimbledon social streams. It’s definitely worth a look.

The Official App

Wimbledon’s mobile app “in partnership with IBM” has been improved since last year, and alongside the latest news feed, scoreboard, schedule, photos, and video highlights, there will be “Live  @ Wimbledon Radio”, where users can listen to three channels covering The Championships and live match commentary.

wimble app

The app allows users to follow the progress of specific players and receive push notification alerts throughout the Championships. The app is available on iOS and Android for free.

IBM’s SlamTracker

On top of this, IBM and Wimbledon have a statistics-based activation called “SlamTracker”. This has been used already this season, but is definitely worth checking out. SlamTracker is an online dashboard that provides match-by-match predictions and analysis based on seven years’ worth of Grand Slam data, which works out at about 39 million data points. The system tracks data surrounding match outcomes by looking at a player’s aces, faults, errors, playing surface, and more. The dashboard then predicts the patterns likely to emerge in a pending matchup.

To all those thinking they could use it to win a few quid at the bookies, John Kent, program manager of IBM Worldwide Sponsorship Marketing, said:

“It’s not a prediction who will win; it’s a look at what each player needs to do well to have a higher likelihood of winning.”

For example, the dashboard will reveal that a player will need to win more than 72% of points on first serves or convert more than 60% of break point opportunities.  At the French Open, Djokovic, managed to win more than 48% of three-to-eight-shot rallies against Nadal, as SlamTracker prescribed, but he failed to win more than 44% of first-serve return points.


What else are the sponsors cooking up?

Jacobs Creek:              

Jacobs Creek are running a Facebook app to win 1 of 100 pairs of tickets for Wimbledon. They’re asking the user to share their Wimbledon stories to be in with a chance of winning. It’s a little dull, and it’s not made particularly obvious in what shape these stories are to be submitted but it’s worth having a look at. Jacobs Creek currently have hidden areas of the app, such as behind the scenes features, that will eventually liven it up.

Jacobs Creek


Evian have launched an ambitious campaign called the ‘Wimbledon Wiggle’. This focuses upon the stance made by players awaiting a serve and preparing a return. The Facebook app encourages users to submit their ‘wiggle’ to be in with a chance of winning Wimbledon tickets. As well as a Facebook app, Evian have a dedicated area on the Wimbledon.com website: http://evian.wimbledon.com/

Here’s the promo video and dedicated song:

YouTube Preview Image



Slazenger are giving away tickets to Wimbledon on Twitter. In a competition that could have been integrated with Facebook, users need to guess the number of tennis balls in a glass case to win tickets to the Wimbledon Final. It’s not clear where the case is positioned but it would have been nice to situate in a busy area of London as the case has the hashtag and call to action on the front.



Have followed a similar vein to Jacobs Creek and have launched a simple Facebook app with a “Spot the Ball” contest. The app is very one-dimensional, and could have been a lot better but it will no-doubt provide Robinsons with Likes, entries and data. Chosen winners will get VIP tickets to Wimbledon or Wimbledon merchandise.

robinsons wimbledon

20m strong voice-blogging service Bubbly launches in UK with Rio Ferdinand

Today sees the official announcement that Bubbly, the worlds leading voice blogging service (or social network), has launched in the UK.  With 20 million fans across the world, it’s hitting our shores with all-new celebrities, including football superstar Rio Ferdinand.

If you haven’t come across the service before, here is some more info.  Bubbly allows users to share short voice updates, or “Bubbles” with friends and followers, while applying fun filters to their recordings (think instagram for your voice). Along with the service’s UK rollout, Rio Ferdinand’s exclusive content will be available for Bubbly users around the world, including countries such as Japan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Rio Ferdinand’s use of Bubbly to update his fans came to light last week as he starting using the app ahead of last weekends Liverpool clash.  He updated his 3.7m fans about his message before announcing officially on Friday about his official page.

Bubbly allows celebrities like Ferdinand to authentically represent themselves, using their own voice. On other social media sites, it’s common for communications managers to take over a celebrity’s account, which removes the personal touch that Bubbly users value. People can follow the voices of celebrities, sports stars, and other well-known users on Bubbly in a special way, as if listening to a close friend leaving a voicemail.

“I love showing support for my fans, and Bubbly lets me connect with them in a way that I’ve never been able to before,” says Man United’s Ferdinand. “Voice updates bring a fresh way for me to have a dialogue with my fans and I’ve been having a lot of fun posting recordings and playing with the filters.”

Rio Ferdinand Bubbly


“We’re excited to bring such a fun and useful way of communicating with friends, family, and followers to Europe for the very first time. Having popular celebrities like Rio Ferdinand joining the service early on is great, because users will get to experience the Bubbly difference in the celebrity/fan connection right off the bat,” says Thomas Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion.

Bubbly is based in Singapore and has built up it’s impressive following in the Asian market (Japan, India and Indonesia), this being it’s first step outside of its core area.  There are a number of celebrities who use the app on a regular basis with the biggest being Indian actor Bachchan who has almost 800k followers.  Rio has some way to go with just over 1000 since he started posting last week.

Whilst not an official ‘celeb’ partner, Rio’s former teammate and current Everton captain Phil Neville has started using the service.  He started by giving his plans for the day and welcoming fans to his new updates.  Lets see if he soon appears next to Rio on the ‘Premium Celebrities’ section.

Phil Neville Bubbly

It recently launched a new version of its iOS app, which allows users to spice up their voice posts by applying cool filters like “Helium,” “Echo Chamber,” and “Synth.”.  Users simply record their message on their iPhone, choose a filter to revamp the sound and vibe, and post to their account to share with friends, fans, and followers. The newest version of Bubbly includes a larger selection of filters, including “Applause” and “Laughing”.

The service is being helped with it’s UK launch by partnering with top consultancy MD Media, who specialise in two main areas: new media consultancy and content rights. Its media consultancy arm helps companies navigate the constantly evolving mobile content and marketing space, and the other focuses on delving into its vast network of companies and connecting various parties to help brands find the right platforms for content distribution. Some of the company’s recent clients include Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea Football Clubs, 2ergo, and IGT.

“We’re excited to be working closely with Bubble Motion as the service’s rapidly growing user base makes it a great outlet for many sports stars to connect with their fan base in the UK and Asia,” says MD Media Managing Director, Michael Dunphy.

You can download the Bubbly app on iPhone or Android here: http://bubbly.net/.


Rio Bubbly



BBC launches new Sport App – but is it a game changer?

This morning I saw the headline on, of all places, the BBC Sport page which I look at everyday either on my laptop or iPhone.  Now, the mobile web page that the BBC has been running has been excellent and the prospect of a new way in which to digest my daily sports fix was an exciting one.

The mobile enabled site is a mini-version of the main page I, and millions like me, head to as devotees for the latest and official news on my favourite sports (mainly football).  These include, aside from the daily news, features such as the live score updates, the football gossip columns and fuller feature articles.

So does the new app deliver?

Well if you are after the same experience as you get already with the mobile web page but in app form then yes.  If, like me, you were hoping for a few new features that will bring new life to the experience then sadly no (maybe my expectations were too high or wrongly placed).

The main page looks the same, the features on offer are the same and the whole feel is the same.  Dan Walker speaks on their video explaining more about the app (initially only available on iPhone and iPod touch, Android coming soon) and proclaiming the ability to access Radio 5 Live on the app – can already do this on the mobile page – and get live score updates and fixtures – already has those too.

The one addition we see is the ability to alter the listing (quick links) so if you are someone who likes certain sports but not too keen on others then you can make you own links to get the quickest access possible.

I do love the technology and continuing innovation within the digital space – dare we forget the coverage during London 2012 which was everything you could have wished for – the BBC provides to it’s massive audience.  The BBC blog states that there are updates to come in regards to the addition of video content and will be launched on Android soon too.

The feedback on their site appears to mostly negative, mainly people with Android devices moaning about BBC prioritising Apple products again with the odd one being critical of the lack of change.  Probably not what their team had hoped to hear.  With these types of feedback I do realise that most comments are from people wanting to criticise, the majority who are happy will enjoy in silence.

In summary it is a very good app and will give you your fix of sports updates.  The sole disappointment for me is the lack of anything new on offer.  I’ll stick with the mobile site for now I think.

If you’re Apple consumer and have tried the app, love to hear your opinion. Use new app or stick with web?



BBC Sport launches beta Facebook App ahead of Olympics

BBC Sport yesterday launched a Facebook application offering audiences live streams of major sports events, including Wimbledon and up to 24 streams of Olympics coverage. This is the first time the BBC has live streamed events on Facebook.

The app will deliver a rich social viewing experience, plugging online audiences into the communal excitement of big sports moments. You can watch events with friends who are also online and chat together about the action as it happens, while comment threads under each stream enable you to take the pulse of reaction from the Facebook community in real time.

Press play on a stream, or ‘Like’ it, and it is shared with your friends via the Facebook news feed. The in-app Activity Stream updates in real time to show you what your friends are watching, allowing you to discover events beyond your favourites.

A beta version of the app is launched today for Wimbledon, offering BBC’s network TV coverage plus up to six extra match streams from across the courts, as well as comment threads and sharing features. Live chat functionality will be added in time for the Olympics. Access the app here(you need to be logged in to Facebook to access the app).

Phil Fearnley, General Manager BBC News & Knowledge, said: “It’s a core part of the BBC’s mission to bring our quality content to audiences wherever they are, so I’m very excited to be able to offer sport fans on Facebook a really distinctive live streaming experience.

“With our Facebook app we aim to bring even greater value to our online audiences, enabling them to watch together and share their excitement. We hope to use it to test the benefits of social viewing, as part of our ambition to deliver more innovative and transformative experiences to sports fans.”

Alongside the new Facebook app, audiences can watch BBC Summer of Sport coverage online at bbc.co.uk/sport, on mobile and tablet, on connected TVs, and via the Red Button. By bringing audiences the action whenever they want, wherever they are, the BBC is making sure they never miss a moment of an epic year of sport from the BBC.


2011 Wimbledon iPhone App

Carrying on the theme of iPhone apps, after discussing athletes using them to own their own content and push themselves as brands.  This week we’ve got our sun hats on, or should that read umbrellas out, and are armed with strawberries and cream….now fully prepared for the 2 week UK tennis festival that is Wimbledon.

This year sees the third incarnation of the official Wimbledon iPhone app, put together by official technology partner IBM.  It has been slowly building each year with a view to being useful to spectator and armchair fan alike.

The app lets you keep up-to-date with the latest scores, find out news from the championship, listen to commentary through Radio Wimbledon, find out stats about players and, interestingly, see what the players and official twitter accounts are saying.

There is also plenty of video content and pictures from the event that include round-ups of the days action if you missed it on tv.  Useful stuff indeed.

For those of you visiting Wimbledon the app again comes into its own with ground maps, visitor guide, ticket info, seating plans, travel info and security on there to make sure you get to your seat in plenty of time.

There really isn’t much that is going on at the tennis that is not covered, so you can imagine there is a lot packed into that little app. One of the things that makes it most appealing is that it is FREE, so you don’t have to think about your bank balance to be kept informed.

If you’re like me and don’t have an iPhone, dont panic.  There is a mobile web version of the site where you can get all the latest info by visiting m.wimbledon.com – you dont get the video or audio but the key information is still there.

If you can’t watch the tennis on your computer at work, are out for the day with friends or travelling on a train somewhere and you’re a big tennis fan then this is a must have.  Shame there isn’t an iPad version as getting the video highlights on there would be great (though iPlayer can also manage this with the BBC coverage).

The Future of Athletes on Digital? – James Haskell iPhone App

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with the guys from Athlete Factor, finding out more about what one our adidas athletes gets up to away from the rugby field.

England International and former Stade Francais player James Haskell is someone who has taken to the new opportunities that social media and the world of apps has to offer enthusiastically.   These opportunities for athletes to take control of the exclusive content they can produce are there for those who decide to grasp the bull by the horns and could be a sound investment for the future.

He already has a very active and popular Twitter account of some 20,000 and a dedicated Facebook Group.  One thing you find out quite quickly is that he enjoys being in front of the camera (or phone in most cases) but rather than post straight to YouTube or Vimeo he has taken a different route.

Rather than have a disparate collection of online platforms he has worked with Athlete Factor to bring these all into one place, his iPhone app.  Here is James to explain what it is all about….

The company also work with golfers Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood, with both having very similar looking ‘exclusive’ apps.  What this new direction does allow the athlete is control, the ownership of the content they are producing that could be distributed around new networks, and anyone else interested in the content, and thus creating an extra revenue stream.

James is the one who seems to have taken to the idea the most and produced by far the most content.  This is not only little clips of his games or him talking to camera, we are looking at training tips, dietary advice, behind the scenes and updates from just after games.  If you are a fan of rugby and interested in what a player does away from the pitch and you’re not getting your fill from Facebook or Twitter this could be for you.

MD of Athlete Factor, Adam McVicar, sums it up; “The Callisto platform enables athletes to have their own broadcast platform, uniquely branded with 100% control over the content delivered. The creation of the content is simple but most importantly a direct channel from the athlete to their fans. Twitter feeds, photos, videos, latest news and the exclusive voice and video content are all pulled together and delivered via a mobile application.”

Is this the future of professional sports people and other celebrities in digital?  What do you think….


Free Official Football League Club iPhone app launched

The Football League launched its free Official Football League Clubs iPhone app at the end of August and is available to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It covers all the teams that are covered by the Football League Interactive deal, which currently stands at 65 of the 72 npower Football League clubs.  So if you follow Leeds United, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Accrington, Aldershot or Stevenage unfortunately you wont be able to get your clubs updates.

Check on the list of clubs when you have downloaded the app to make sure yours is there.

If you are one of the lucky ones you can get some great features including latest news, fixtures, stats and player profiles.

The app also connects users to their twitter and/or Facebook accounts so it even easier to share comments and views with friends.

“Fans live and breathe football and want to be kept up-to-date wherever they are in the world at a time that suits them,” said Ian Ritchie, Chairman of FLi.

“We designed the Official Football League Clubs’ iPhone app with this in mind, using innovative technology to deliver access to rich and interactive content, tailored to your club.  Now you never need to be out of touch with your team.”

You can upgrade to the premium service (have to make some extra income somehow) by paying £4.99 for the season to access match video highlights 24 hours after the game and incorporates Google Mapping to make sure you don’t get lost on the way to the stadium (useful for away days?).

The Football League partnered up with Threepipe to help spread the message through social media and traditional media outlets to encourage fans of the teams to sign up. 

Looking through Google, it appears to have worked with messages appearing on club websites and fan forums announcing the launch and providing download links.

Sadly if you have a Blackberry, Android or Nokia then you will have to sit by your Apple friends and catch their updates.  Perhaps we will gain an update as to whether any other platforms will be catered for in the coming weeks.

Have you downloaded it?  What are the pro’s and con’s of the service?