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Could Chromecast be the Perfect Partner for UK Sport?

Guest Post: Ben Warren is a 1st class honours graduate in Sports Marketing from the University of Northampton with a keen interest in digital innovation within UK and US sport.

Having experienced excellent figures at launch in the UK last month, Google’s latest offering has formed a partnership with the BT Sport platform. If other companies followed suit, could this promote more freedom in the way fans consume sport?

The Google Chromecast is small device that slots into any UK television set via a HDMI port, and allows users to ‘beam’ content from any device, such as a tablet or PC, to their set-top box. According to Gigaom.com, U.K. electronics retailer Currys sold a Chromecast every 4.5 seconds on launch day, leading to comparisons with the launch of the iPad.

BT Sport have clearly shown faith in the product, and believe that this could open up new sectors in the marketplace. Pete Oliver, managing director of BT’s Consumer Commercial and Marketing, said,

“Chromecast has been a tremendous success in the US and we feel it could take off in the UK as well. We are already delivering BT Sport via our App and we are seeing some impressive viewing figures, which demonstrates that customers appreciate this option.

“Customers with Chromecast will be able to enjoy the BT Sport App, which is free with broadband from BT, on a large screen, allowing customers to cast a Barclays Premier League match to their TV, rather than watching on a smaller screen. This helps us to deliver on our aim to bring the best quality sport to BT customers at affordable prices across a wide number of platforms and devices.”

That is clearly a crucial factor here, and with an RRP of £30, it is clear Google are doing everything to make this a tool in everyone’s household.

The main excitement from the consumer perspective should come from increased freedom and accessibility. With Sport being such a lucrative package for television companies, tight restrictions are often in place with services such as Sky Go and Virgin Anywhere. These companies limit the number of devices you can watch on, and often only allow device changes at specified intervals.

If these companies were to get on board with Chromecast, they would have to find a balance. Imagine having a mobile phone, for example, and beaming live Premier League action to any TV in proximity of the phone. Whether it be a friend’s house or a hotel room, one could replicate the traditional entertainment set-up at the touch of a button.

If the past is anything to go by, BT Sport may be the only company willing to take a plunge into the Chromecast pool. Although the user would need a subscription to the service, they could argue it would be taken advantage of. If they decide to use the technology, however, the avenues to consume sport may just become that little bit wider.


bt sport

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ESPN: Celebrating March Madness on both sides of the Atlantic

Guest Post: Ash Read is a social media community manager, planner and strategist focusing on the world of sports. Follow him on Twitter at @AshRead14.

“Basketball is one of the biggest participation sports in the UK, and university basketball on both sides of the Atlantic is full of passion, competition and excitement,” explains Charly Classen, Vice President and GM, ESPN EMEA.

All this passion and excitement comes to a head in March: probably the biggest month for basketball in the US and the UK, with the NCAA Tournament and the BUCS Championship both taking place.

With both competitions on both sides of the Atlantic approaching full swing, we decided to catch up with ESPN to see how the game of basketball has grown online in the UK.


UK’s Digital Fan Base Growth

ESPN player shows live and on-demand NCAA college basketball games throughout the year, including all of March Madness. The total amount of college basketball games shown per week in the regular season on ESPN Player averages about 40 games

This amount of coverage is in high-demand. This year, ESPN have seen subscriptions to their College Pass increase 16%, and total minutes of viewing has also increased more than 40% in the same period. So in short:  more people are watching, and they are watching more.


Web Growth

It’s not just ESPN Player subscriptions that are on the rise. ESPN.co.uk recorded a record year in 2013, with more users spending more time than ever. ESPN.co.uk averaged nearly 2 million unduplicated Online and Mobile unique users – a 9 percent year-on-year increase, as Total Page Views grew by an impressive 38 percent

Web video has also been a huge growth area for the company. ESPN.co.uk logged more than 7.6 million video views in 2013 – up 138 percent compared to 2012. The majority of that came in the second half of the year as ESPN ramped up digital video creation and integration.

In terms of basketball, specifically, ESPN cover an enormous amount of basketball news and information (pro and college) on ESPN.com.

In terms of UK-specific traffic to that, between NBA and NCAA college basketball content on ESPN.com, there are about 3.3 million UK visits and a little over 20 million minutes of time spent from Sep ’13 through Feb ’14. This breaks down to a bit more than half a million visits and approx. 3.3 million minutes of time from UK fans each month


What does this mean for the game of basketball in the UK?

 “It seems to me the basketball experience in the UK will be circular, in the sense that as the players get better and the coaching improves and the product becomes better, it creates more interest.” explains Fran Fraschilla, ESPN basketball analyst and former U.S. college basketball coach during an ESPN conference call.

“And more interest means media coverage. And more media coverage means that more young players want to participate in basketball, and the product continues to improve. I think it becomes a circular proposition that each aspect of the improvement of basketball will lead to the next aspect.”

Over recent years, awareness of British Basketball has also grown over in the US, according to Fraschilla; “Those of us who are actively involved in basketball are certainly aware of the continued growth of British basketball.”

There is now more UK born players in the US college system than ever before, pointing to growth of the sport in the UK and also improved standards amongst players from our shores.

Mark Jaram, Head Coach of the Loughborough Student Riders and Assistant Coach of the BBL’s Leicester Riders was also on the conference call and pointed out “there are 55 British players currently playing at the Division I level in the U.S., which is tremendous.  That’s really positive.”

Increased media coverage is certainly a key factor for the growth of basketball in the UK. The more people that are exposed to the game, the better and I certainly agree with Fraschilla when he says: “More interest means media coverage. And more media coverage means that more young players want to participate in basketball, and the product continues to improve.”

Increased interest in both NBA and NCAA coverage in the UK is a positive start and looks to point to a prosperous future for basketball in the UK. Though there are many more hurdles in the way before basketball becomes a mainstream sport in the UK, but that’s a different story…


Celebrate March Madness with ESPN

ESPN Player is hosting a charity basketball game on Friday, March 21 to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and collaborating with British Universities & Colleges Sport to celebrate university basketball on both sides of the Atlantic.

ESPN Player Hoops Madness will take place at the University of East London (UEL) SportsDock. The game will tip off at 4pm and continue for six hours, ensuring that as many people as possible can take part.

For details on the event or to make a donation participants can visit http://www.justgiving.com/ESPNPlayerHoopsMadness. All players who donate will automatically be entered into a draw to win prizes including NCAA team merchandise, ESPN Player subscriptions and more.

More on EPSN Player Hoops Madness can be found here.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 09.28.18




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Deal allows La Liga highlights to be shown on Twitter

In a new deal, similar to one Twitter struck with the NFL last year, the platform yesterday announced a deal with Mediapro Agency and Liga de Fútbol Profesional.

This will, with immediate affect, allow highlights from La Liga games to be shown on the platform.  Giving the game in the country access to a much larger audience across the globe.  Not only will there be game highlights but also pre and post game interviews and content.

This will all take place through the @LaLiga account, which was formerly @LFPNews, and will be utilising Twitter Amplify which allows videos to be attached to tweets in real-time.

As insidespanishfootball.com states, “This will make the highlights of every game available to users around the world almost simultaneously as they occur. Starting today, @Laliga becomes the first football competition in Europe to benefit from these tools which will put as the most advanced in terms of online communication. @Laliga with Amplify, is at the level of the great American leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB).”

It’s certainly a deal that takes Spanish football into the realms previously occupied only by the big US sports.  One of the big problems for rights holders has been the use of Vine and YouTube to show goals and content, rights that have been sold to broadcast companies.  This bypasses that  issue and gives fans what they want, when they want it.

“The agreement will allow us to more effectively achieve one of the priorities that we have set for La Liga: the globalization of the Liga BBVA. Now the best league in the world will be on the best social network in the world.”  -  Javier Tebas, LFP President

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, stated that this is “a fantastic deal” and that they will continue “working to provide users with the content they are looking for while maintaining the global spirit that has come to define Twitter”.

Could this be the first of many sports federations/rights holders to go down this route?  And it will be interesting to see how it works out financially for LFP through advertising within it and how this compares to previous models they have used for their video rights.  In the UK we can only get delayed goal highlights through Sun+ Goals (paywalled), then highlights at even later stages on TV and official websites.  Hard to see it changing anytime soon with these recent deals in place.


In a separate announcement, 123on, the mobile video platform for the world’s most widely and passionately shared interests will be delivering the highlights straight to fans’ mobile devices in a partnership with MediaPro. 

The 123on platform enables Android phone users to view and share their favorite La Liga BBVA plays simply by downloading the 123on application from Google Play (bit.ly/Nx95hv). Incoming calls, alerts and other prompts then come with a quick video highlight right from the pitch.  Fans can even create their own user-generated mobile content – and share it all with family, friends and other dedicated football lovers.

Twitter La Liga

(From left to right: Javier Tebas, Dick Costolo, Adam Bain and Jaume Roures)



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Real-time football clips kick off in UK with Sky Sports and NOW TV using Grabyo

Grabyo, the real-time TV clip-sharing platform, is today announcing it will be helping Sky Sports to promote its coverage of the UEFA Champions League by sharing clips of live games - as well as other clips from Sky Sports News - to social and digital channels.   The clips will be promoted by NOW TV who will be using Grabyo Studio combined with Twitter’s Promoted Tweets to share spectacular real-time video from Sky Sports. This is aimed at increasing awareness and engagement of live Champions League coverage on Sky Sports and NOW TV.

NOW TV is an internet TV service powered by Sky. It offers anyone with a broadband connection the opportunity to enjoy Sky Sports through a day pass. For just £9.99 customers can enjoy all 6 Sky Sports channels for 24-hours.

Grabyo Studio is a cloud-based service that enables broadcasters to instantly grab, edit and share clips in real-time via an easy-to-use browser-based interface.  Broadcasters can use the clip-sharing platform to drive social engagement as well as generate additional advertising and sponsorship revenues by offering brands an integrated cross-platform tool to own the conversation on social media.  Thanks to its integration with Twitter, users can view TV clips as Twitter cards without leaving Twitter, as well as directly within Facebook’s newsfeed on web and mobile.

NOW TV will be using Grabyo Studio to drive engagement and TV tune-in by instantly amplifying clips from Sky Sports live UEFA Champions League coverage. This will include in-game clips, the best goals, build-up and post-match interviews which will be shared in real-time and promoted to football fans that have joined the conversation on Twitter.

The decision by Sky Sports, and NOW TV, to partner with Grabyo follows a successful trial using the Grabyo platform on Transfer Deadline Day in September.  This pilot generated over 570,000 clip views within twelve hours and saw over 6,000 clips being re-shared across social networks with a total reach of over 7 million users

Gidon Katz, Director of NOW TV comments: “We know that lots of people want access to great Sky Sports content but would rather dip in and out rather than having a full subscription. Sharing UEFA Champions League clips in real-time on social platforms helps us to highlight the benefits of instant, pay-as-you-go access to Sky Sports via NOW TV.”

Dave Gibbs, Director of Sky Sports Digital Media, adds: “Grabyo Studio brings simplicity and speed to clip-sharing, making sure that we are first and own the social conversation around TV highlights as well as maximising the impact and reach of the promo clips we share.”

“It’s great to be working with the most innovative pay-TV broadcaster in the UK and Ireland as well as showcasing the Grabyo Studio capability for such a high profile format in the UK,” comments Grabyo founder Will Neale.  “This is an exciting time for broadcasting and we’re delighted to be right at the epicentre of industry innovation.  We’re confident that by focusing on building an end-to-end service focused on speed and simplicity, Grabyo will become the platform of choice for TV clip-sharing.”

The project will commence on Sky Sports’ live coverage of the UEFA Champions League on October 22nd.  Sky will also be using Grabyo Studio to instantly share ad-supported clips of Sky Sports News.



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Digital Sport London – Event Review

This week saw us run the first ever UKSN ‘Digital Sport London’, a move into looking beyond just social media but the greater impact that digital innovation has had (as continues to do so) on the Sports Industry.

We’re very proud of the events we put on and are always looking at new ways in which to educate and inspire those who come along.  This is just the start as there are many new innovations and ideas that we’re looking to implement over the coming months, not just in London but elsewhere in the UK.

If you’re interested in what UKSN events there are coming up, then make sure you keep and eye on our events page.  On there now you will find the booking forms for the next Digital Sport London event (13th Nov) and also our first venture into Leeds (20th Nov).  Venues and speakers for both will be revealed shortly.

Back to our most recent event.  We were very lucky to find a great host in The Bakery London, an accelerator fund in Old Street with a great events space and also a thank you to Stream UK who sponsored the drinks on the day.

During the event we heard from a set of amazing speakers who have ‘been there done that’ in a mix of case study presentations and panel sessions, all of which had one theme running through them – live sports events and how digital innovation has impacted the industry.

In future we hope to Live Stream our major events, when this happens we’ll make the announcement and make sure that you are aware of how you can tune in to them.  The aim is to run the first of these at the next Digital Sport London event in November (fingers crossed).

As well as the presentations you can see below, there were two brilliant panel sessions that discussed the topic from very different points of view.  The ‘Sports’ panel consisted of Richard Clarke (Arsenal), Robert Hodges (Sky Sports), Alexandra Willis (AELTC) and Andrew Humphries (The Bakery).  The ‘Tech’ panel had industry luminaries including Simon Banoub (Opta), Sanjit Atwal (Squawka), Duncan Burbidge (Stream UK) and Andy McKenzie (LiveWire Sport).

You can also check out another recap of the day by the guys at Lexis PR with their ‘Digital Sport London: digital channels should focus on the fan experience and brand‘ article.

Below are the presentations from the day.  The first one coming from Alexandra Willis, Editorial Content Manager at the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), who looked at this years Wimbledon Championships and how they used digital media to take the message of the championships to fans around the world.


Next up was David Strachan who is Creative Director at Pulse Innovations, a company I know well from working for the earlier in the year.  They are a technology company who work closely with Twitter and have clients such as the Indian Premier League, BBC, International Cricket Council and ESPN.  David gave us a look at the work they’ve been doing with both the IPL and BBC, showcasing how Twitter can be integrated into live broadcast.

In the second half of our programme we took an interesting look at one event from two different perspectives.  The event was the August Transfer Deadline Day, something that’s become a ‘must watch’ for most football fans as we look out for who our teams are going to sign right at the death.

Ball Street are a new company who work with the likes of Ian Wright to deliver football in a different way to fans.  They worked on a live production that involved Wrighty, football bloggers and fans as their production took place with a live studio audience and Google hangouts.  But what did they do and what did they learn from it?  Co-founder Matt Wilson gave us some insights…


Finally, we had the pleasure of welcoming David Gibbs (Director of Digital Media) and Robert Hodges (Social Media & Community Editor) from Sky Sports.  They gave us a multi-platform look at how they covered one of the biggest days in their calendar, one which in-essence they have invented and turned from a plain day in football to an international event.


Thank you to everyone who came along.  Don’t forget to book your place on the next one where we’ll be welcoming some of sports top bloggers as well as speaking to a ‘mystery’ international guest.  For more info go to our events page.




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Are Sports Rights-Holders Holding Back Growth of Digital Sports Consumption?

Next week sees our latest event, the newly branded Digital Sports London, which will become a regular feature on the meet-ups scene over the coming months.  This month we’ll be talking about the impact of digital media on live sports events and it’s proving to be a hot topic at the moment.

This week News Corp and Perform have come out saying that rights-holders are holding back growth of sports content consumption on mobile and the internet.  The claim is that they are in effect shooting themselves in the foot by not getting the maximum value for their rights because of their traditional stance on the packaging of deals.

This opinion is one that’s been highlighted at the recent TV Sports Marketing webinar by Sport Business.  Simon Greenberg (Global Head of Right at News Corp) and Oliver Slipper (joint-Chief Executive of Perform) were very frank with what they thought was happening.  Greenberg said;

“I’ve read rights-holders talking about how they are embracing digital. Well, I’m not sure they really are, I don’t think that they fully understand it. You are never going to embrace digital properly if you keep linking it to live rights. It’s a completely separate package of rights on its own.”

The argument is that if digital rights are sold separately then specialist digital operators would be able to bid for them without having to rely on the whim on the live broadcaster and what they wanted to do with their rights.  This would lead to a rise in the value of the mobile and internet rights, whilst the main TV rights would at least hold their value.  Slipper stated;

“The split that needs to happen if a sport wants to ensure that its content is consumed and its rights are monetised to the absolute maximum is splitting the clips away from the live – you just do not want your live rights-holder warehousing clip rights and not expanding the maximum reach of those products.”

This is from two companies who have a want and need to get hold of these rights to help grow their own audiences, thus have a vested interest.  News Corp have, from this season, started showing game highlights on their pay-wall sites for the Sun and Times newspapers, whilst Perform have long worked with the likes of Football League Interactive and numerous betting sites to provide live content.

The point though is a valid one.  We have seen the use of video clips in almost-real-time being used by the NBA, NFL and Sky Sports to create excitement around live events (driving to TV) and also monetised through sponsorship using platforms such as Grabyo and SnappyTV.  It is only a matter of time before it becomes the norm here in the UK and elsewhere but with the main sports still prioritising the tying up multi-year deals with media companies, the question is when would it even be possible?

For the full talk you can download the webinar at http://www.sportbusiness.com/webinar-digital-sport-new-platforms-new-behaviours-new-models?src=1310WT26DXX08

This is certainly an area that will come up next week when we speak to the likes of Wimbledon, Sky Sports and Arsenal.  It will be fascinating to hear which side of the fence they sit on this one.

You can book your place at Digital Sport London (9th Oct) here: https://digitalsportlive.eventbrite.co.uk

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The Future of Sport on Twitter is… Video

Recently I wrote about the use of new camera angles in rugby with ‘Ref Cam‘.  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how platforms and brands are encouraging the use of video within their strategies.

If you are a basketball fan, or been keeping an eye on digital sport trends, you will have noticed the coverage that March Madness has been gaining.  It is a massive event in the US and sees Twitter light up with new content, hashtags, promoted tweets and updates from the games.

This year they have taken it to another level by releasing game highlights in 15 seconds snippets as close to real-time as they can manage. This means that fans who dont have access to watching the game and are predominately on their smartphones can not only keep up with scores but also watch the action.

Allowing fans to watch video within Twitter isn’t anything new and many have done so with YouTube embeds and phone videos.  But the capabilities have been constantly pushed by the platform developers.  Last year I travelled to New York to put into action an idea that was developed only a few weeks earlier.  The plan was to Livestream a press conference directly through Twitter but using a pinned Tweet for fans to follow the announcement as it happened.  It helped turn a B2B presentation into something different and it  gained extra traction because of it.

The idea for March Madness is different.  Turner Broadcasting, who own the TV rights, teamed up with Twitter and Snappy TV on this occasion.  Their joint aim was to give fans quick highlights that they can access where it had not been possible before.  The added benefit is that the clip is easily shared and many more people will get to see it than may have otherwise.


Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

So what does the future hold?  Twitter is rapidly moving into this space with the launch of Vine and now this partnership.  For other sports it offers some amazing possibilities.  Imagine if SkySports tweeted out goals as they happen from important games, or the BBC show a wicket going down in the Ashes this summer??

Fans like to have access to key moments as quickly as they can.  We’ve seen from the success of the ESPN Goals app that it is all about speed and relevance.  It is most certainly one of my favourite apps and has almost made Match of the Day redundant to me.  I get to watch all the goals by 5.15pm and saves me having to listen to Lineker, Hanson and company (dull).  Not to mention no longer having to worry about recording it or getting home for 10.30pm and staying up until midnight.  We, the fans, now gets to control what we watch and when we watch it.  And this is only the start.

How broadcasters react to the constant changes in technology and the development of platforms such as Twitter is now key.  Will they see it as a threat putting this content out there for all to view (though you can still geo-block the video content so rights issues won’t be affected) or will they embrace it and give the fans what they want?

This opens up so many new doors but who will be brave enough to step through them?!

March Madness


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UCI to broadcast its events live on YouTube

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has had its troubles recently (!) with Mr Armstrong and the constant battle the sport faces with drugs.  To lighten the mood and show that they are looking towards the future and not just the past they produced some interesting news.  This week they announced that, for the first time, it will provide free, live broadcasts of the Cyclo-cross World Championships on its YouTube channel. The World Championships will be held on 2-3 February in Louisville, USA.

The UCI channel will then proceed to provide live coverage of World Championships in the Road, Track, BMX and Cyclo-cross disciplines, as well as the World Cup events in Cyclo-cross, Track and BMX. Mountain Bike and Trials will also be live, with the outlet announced shortly.

The UCI’s live broadcasts will be available all around the world with the exception of those countries in which TV channels already offer the option to view the UCI events live. This new video coverage means that a passion for cycling can be spread to countries that have never before enjoyed such coverage, over all five continents.

It will also provide highlights during the live coverage, offering freeze-frame images of the most spectacular action and most skilled performers. These highlights will be accessible to all Internet users, free of charge and without restriction on location.

You can see more about the event here…

YouTube Preview Image

It is a progression in sport that we are seeing more of.  The platform is keen to encourage more unique content, whether that be pre-recorded programmes or live events.  We have already seen the power of big live events – think Red Bull Space Jump – and this can be utilised for more niche events.  The rights haven’t been sold and tend not to be very valuable.  So why not put them up for all to see?

If you draw a decent enough audience in then the future production quality can be enhanced and there are advertising and sponsorship opportunities around it.  With rumours of YouTube introducing a paid subscription model to certain areas then it would make even more sense.  Pay 69p for the ability to watch a tournament for a day…why not?!

Further signs that this is the way the industry is moving, we heard today about SkySports being made available on a pay as you watch service.  This gives fans without a subscription the opportunity to pay £9.99 and watch a full day of sport on all the SkySports channels.  For a Super Sunday or Ryder Cup final day it could pay dividends for the channel.

Anyway, you can catch the action on www.youtube.com/ucichannel
Schedule of live coverage of the UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships

- Saturday 2 February: GMT16:00 – 17:00 Junior Men – Live
- Saturday 2 February: GMT 19:30 – 20:30 Under 23 Men – Live
- Sunday 3 February: GMT 16:00 – 17:00 Elite Women – Live
- Sunday 3 February: GMT 19:30 – 20:45 Elite Men – Live
(CET is GMT +1)

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talkSPORT Live To Broadcast Via Twitter

talkSPORT’s global soccer service talkSPORT Live has joined with Twitter to bring free, live commentary of the world’s best soccer league, the Barclays Premier League, to Twitter users. For the first time, from this weekend (20th October), live streaming of Barclays Premier League English language play-by-play will be available through talkSPORT Live’s audio player embedded in an enhanced Twitter profile page at twitter.com/talkSPORTLive to fans outside the European Economic Area, and is also available in Spanish and Mandarin via twitter.com/talkSPORTLiveEs and twitter.com/ talkSPORTLive8.

These profiles will feature streaming of live commentary of leading Barclays Premier League fixtures, which users will be able to retweet to share with their followers and feature in their own Twitter timeline. The player is optimised for Twitter’s new mobile interface on iPhone, Android and iPad. The player has been developed by talkSPORT’s fellow UTV Media plc group companies Tibus and Simply Zesty in close cooperation with Twitter.

talkSPORT Live was launched by talkSPORT at www.talkSPORT.com in August 2012 to give fans across the world access to live and on-demand play-by-play of every Barclays Premier League match in English, Spanish and Mandarin . The station forms part of a wider international strategy which saw talkSPORT agree  a deal with the Premier League for the exclusive package of international audio broadcasting rights for the next four soccer seasons (2012/13 – 2015/16) earlier this year. talkSPORT Live also has broadcast partners across five continents including SiriusXM in the USA and Canada, TSN and TEAM stations in Canada, Brila FM in Nigeria, Citi FM in Ghana, SBS in Australia, Radio Sport in New Zealand and Astro stations in Malaysia who all broadcast the station’s Barclays Premier League commentary.

Launched in 2000, talkSPORT is the world’s biggest sports radio station with an audience of 3 million adults in the UK alone and was named Sony Radio Academy Station of the Year in 2011.

Scott Taunton, Chief Executive, talkSPORT, said: “talkSPORT Live is a unique offering for soccer fans around the globe and this integration with Twitter builds on the service’s success by adding an exciting way for listeners to keep up with their favourite team. Sport and social media has proved to be a winning combination, with Twitter as the perfect tool for fans to share their passion. This is the first of what I hope will be some great digital partnerships for talkSPORT Live.”

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Fanographie – the new Social Media event to hit London

Next month sees a first for the UK when a new digital conference comes to the capital city.  After 4 years of successful events in the US, founder of Coyle Media and Sports Marketing 2.0 is making his first venture into Europe.

It promises a great day with a great line up of speakers that include;

Dan Markham – VP International Media Distribution, NBA

Jez Jowett - Global Social Media Director, Havas Sports & Entertainment

Maz Nadjm – Director of Social Media, TSL Education

Russell Stopford – Head of Digital, Manchester City

Matt Owen – Community Manager, Liverpool

Jae Chalfin – Founder, Sports New Media

……and many more (including me!)

Ahead of this event I had a chance to sit down with the host of the event and owner of Coyle Media, Pat Coyle, to talk about the event in some more detail;

Hi Pat, we’re looking forward to your ‘Fanographie’ event here in London next month.  You’ve been hosting successful digital events over in the US for a while now.  How did they first come about? and where did the name ‘Fanographie’ come from?

I held my first Sports Marketing 2.0 event in New York back in 2008, shortly after I left my job at the Indianapolis Colts and formed Coyle Media. I ran 3 or 4 sports 2.0 events annually up until last year, when I changed the name to “Digital Fan Marketing Summits.” I made this change in order to broaden the scope of our conversation and potential attendees. We still focus on sports and digital, but now we also include all forms of digital entertainment (i.e. music, TV, games, movies) in our scope. I changed the name from DFM to Fanographie this year. I needed a word that represented the “science” of digital fan marketing, so I made one up. It’s a bit more fun, don’ t you think?

Now you’ve decided to run your first one outside of the US.  What was it about London that made you run it here?

I chose London for several reasons. First,  much of the UK’s media and sport is centered there. Also, I see some amazing innovation in the digital entertainment realm coming out of London, and I want to get over there and see what’s happening first hand. Finally, I felt my professional network had grown strong enough there that I could get the support (from guys like you) needed to put on a quality event.

You’ve attracted some great speakers.  What do you hope people who come along will be able to take from the day?

Fanographie is about content and about relationships. If attendees can come away with even one solid idea, and one new relationship, then the investment of their time will be well worth it. Happily, most attendees get much more than this. We challenge our speakers to bring case studies. We want to learn from their experiences, both successes fan failures; and we want our attendees and friends to spend time getting to know each other. That’s why we take 15 minute breaks every hour, and that’s why we hold a reception at the end…so that we can break bread and build relationships. We work in a rapidly changing marketplace. When you need to find answers, it’s often fastest to call someone you know in the space. Attending Fanographie increases the chances you’ll know the right people when the time comes to solve a problem.

In a previous article here on UKSN you talked about the year ahead in social and how more personalized forms of advertising, digital ticket marketing and social TV are the things to watch out for.  Do you think these are areas in which the UK is ready and UK sport especially?

It’s hard for me to say with certainty what the UK is ready for since I don’t live there and have no direct experience with the market. I can say that shows like X Factor and Idol are groundbreaking, and I’m excited that we’ve got Clare Tavernier from Fremantle delivering a keynote that will include content about those shows and more. We’ve also got Ticketmaster U.K. on tap. As you know that company is really making wonderful progress selling tickets via the social graph. So yes. It seems the UK is definitely ready.

We’re often said to be behind the US in terms of social media.  What is perception of our efforts from across the pond?

I suppose it depends on how you look at it. In some areas the UK is ahead, and in others perhaps it’s behind the U.S. on the digital adoption curve. Anyway, that’s partly why I’m coming over, so that we can share information and see who’s ahead and who’s behind…not because this is a contest, but because we want to borrow ideas from each other. We don’t compete. I believe the industry is only as strong as its weakest link. We can help each other reach goals faster by sharing information. I hope Fanographie will be the beginning of an ongoing dialogue among any / all digital sports and entertainment specialists in the UK and across Europe and the world.

Its only a few weeks now until your London event.  What are your hopes for it and are you planning more events in the future?

I hope we can pack the house and send everyone home excited to go to work the next day to implement things they’ve learned. And yes I do hope to come back again, perhaps we can make this an annual event. That would be fantastic. As a consultant, I also hope to find properties who might like to engage my services. I’d welcome a chance to come over and live in Europe for a while.

You can find out more about the event and get tickets for it at www.fanographie.com

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