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Vauxhall Announce STR Skill School Partnership Ahead of Big Pitch Competition

Vauxhall, the official sponsor of home nations football, have announced a new partnership with YouTube star STR Skill School.

Steve Roberts, creator of one of the biggest football channels in the world, who’s recent work includes the “Insane Football Skills” video, will be producing a multitude of edits as part of Vauxhall’s digital strategy for 2014.

Over the past four years, STR Skill School has been teaching football enthusiasts how to shoot, pass, dribble and turn like their football heroes through a series of step-by-step video guides.

Steve’s first involvement will be to join Vauxhall in their fourth-annual Big Pitch competition, fielding a team of YouTube subscribers to run out on the hallowed Wembley turf.

The Big Pitch competition offers fans to fulfill their childhood dream in stepping out to play a game on the sacred pitch of their national stadium.

YouTube Preview Image


Fans can enter the competition to win a place on the hallowed turf at Wembley through Vauxhall’s dedicated football website (www.vauxhallfootball.co.uk) or alternatively they can follow @VauxhallEngland on Twitter for another chance to win.

Last year the likes of Gary Neville, Stuart Pearce, Kevin Ratcliffe, Mark McGhee, Gerry Taggart and World Cup Referee Howard Webb all took part in the third successful year of Big Pitch.

Chris Hornbuckle, Vauxhall’s Head of Sponsorship said

“We’re delighted by this new partnership and look forward to providing innovative and engaging content to our digital audience. With over 70 million views and 400,000 subscribers, STR offers a proven avenue to expand our digital following with some exciting videos. We will provide Steve with some of footballs biggest names to create a fresh approach to our video content, in what we hope will be a successful year for Home Nations football.”

Steve Roberts, creator of STR Skill School commented,

“It’s fantastic for the channel to be associated with such a renowned brand with strong ties to international football. This is a fantastic opportunity to help Vauxhall grow their video audience and I can’t wait to get started.”

For more information on STR Skill School visit www.youtube.com/STRskillSchool

Enter Vauxhall’s Big Pitch competition go to www.vauxhallfootball.co.uk


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Betfair become the first betting company to use Snapchat

Snapchat is still very young in the social media space – not in the eyes of consumers, but this is mainly in the eyes of brands who haven’t got to grips with the platform.

Many brands struggle to understand what role temporary content can have on developing their digital offerings, and some are somewhat scared of Snapchat.

Keen to try and dictate the pace of the betting market’s relationship with social media, Betfair have found an innovative way of using the ‘one-chance’ platform.

They will be offering an exclusive ‘enhanced double’ to followers of ‘betfairofficial’ on the morning of Saturday’s Premier League fixtures – in particular, Chelsea v Everton and Crystal Palace v Manchester United. All users have to do is follow them on Snapchat, and await an exclusive URL on Saturday morning.

Betfair brand director, Mark Ody, said:

“We are hugely excited about exploring the potential of Snapchat as a marketing tool, and one that seemed a perfect fit for us as a brand with technology and innovation at our heart.  

Snapchat is a relatively new, yet rapidly growing social media platform, which I’m certain will play a huge role in the marketing mix of companies going forward. To be one of the first brands, and the first betting company, to make use of the platform is very exciting. It has huge potential for us as a business.”

The offer is open to the first 500 who bet on the exclusive URL, so make sure you’ve got your phone nearby on Saturday morning.

This is sure to trigger more brands into trying to accommodate Snapchat in their social media roster, but which brands do you think should be on there?

Snapchat Betfair



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Premier Sponsor of European Handball launches world’s first Interactive Advertising Campaign

JACK & JONES launched the world’s first interactive advertising last weekend, at the VELUX European Handball Champions League. Partnering with Kwangl.com, the men’s fashion brand gave away 800euros worth of vouchers to participants, in return for a Tweeted hashtag.

Sports fans watching the matches this weekend were encouraged to pre-register at Kwangl.com.  During the match they could tweet a hashtag, that was revealed on the JACK & JONES LCD perimeter advertising, for the chance to win a prize.  Over the course of the weekend, eight winners were revealed and each won a €100 voucher.

JACK & JONES has been a sponsor of Europe’s top men’s handball’s competitions since 2009-10, and is one of two premium sponsors of the Champions League, the other being Japanese electronics giant Sharp, below title sponsor Velux, the Danish building products group.  The fashion brand will still activate its sponsorship via social media campaigns, promotions in stores and on-site fan activities while the mopping crews at Champions League games will continue to sport its logo.


The EHF has been trialling the use of Kwangl, which has also run similar competitions for MODO Hockey, the Swedish Premier League ice hockey team, as part of efforts to ensure greater engagement between sports fans and advertisers.  Kwangl claims that its software will enable sports organisations to offer better value to their sponsors by giving them a platform to connect with viewers during games and assess the success of their campaigns.

“We felt over the last few years that in the sports market there was more budget being spent on mobile and digital advertising but during the actual match there was nothing to allow people to interact with what was on television.  With this system you can engage with fans as they are watching the game, sending out activation codes and rewards.” – Matt Edgley, MD of Kwangl.

Overall, it’s a good idea – directly pushing users towards the brand in an interactive way means the consumer is exposed to the brand, and engaging with it, in an inadvertent way.  It could possibly have been executed more effectively, however.

A strong in-game image (not grabbed from TV) would have made this clearer.  The pre-registering on Kwangl.com adds in a barrier to entry that is likely to have significantly reduced the entry numbers.  This is always the decision that needs to be made, low barrier to entry but little/no data collection or collect key data but accept lower entry numbers.  For this activation, CRM is obviously high on the agenda and the ability of Kwangl to deliver up to 50,000 prizes a minute was also another factor.

Also, instead of the tweeting of a hashtag to enter, an alternative mechanic that could have proved a bit more effective would be a password that was revealed in-game to be tweeted in conjunction with a hashtag.  This would allow a hashtag to be promoted pre-game to generate conversation around the activation, and instruct users how to participate during the game.

Regardless, interactive advertising is an open idea to all brands with access to dual-screening viewers.  Social media makes this possible in an instant, and it’s almost a surprise to see that other brands haven’t experimented with this already.

Do you think that interactive advertising could become a mainstay in brand promotion?  Which other brands could directly benefit? Does it bring fans closer to sport or not?

jack jones



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O2 launches ‘Wear the Rose’ – the first fully immersive 360-degree virtual reality sports experience

England Rugby shirt sponsor O2 today announced that it has created ‘Wear the Rose’, the first fully immersive 360-degree virtual reality sports experience, using the revolutionary Oculus Rift technology.

‘Wear the Rose’ from O2 will allow fans to be immersed in a multi-sensory take-over and feel as though they are part of the Senior England Rugby Team, whether it’s a team talk from Captain Chris Robshaw, getting tackled by hooker Tom Youngs, or receiving a pass from fullback Mike Brown.

The experience was created using nine GoPro Hero 3 cameras in a custom built gimble, specifically designed to exploit the capabilities of Oculus Rift. After developing the technology to capture the video, it took a further 160 hours of filming and 320 hours of development to create an experience that allows users to turn their head in any direction, with the content responding and moving in unison, displaying a full 360-degree visual spectrum.

People will be transported into a world where they find themselves on the rugby training pitch, surrounded by familiar faces from England’s Elite Player Squad. ‘Wear the Rose’ allows fans to train with the England team, participating in genuine drills directed by England Attacking Skills Coach Mike Catt, which will take their senses to the limit and make them feel as though they have just stepped in for their very first England call-up.

“We love discovering new ways of using technology to deliver exciting experiences for our customers, and what better way to bring England Rugby fans closer to the action than ‘Wear the Rose’ from O2.  We’ll transport you into the virtual rugby boots of the England squad, taking in the heart pounding action of a full training session. This exciting technology really has to be experienced to be believed and we’re looking forward to bringing it to rugby fans across the UK this year.” - Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2

Released to coincide with the 2014 RBS 6 Nations, ‘Wear the Rose’ demonstrates O2’s on-going commitment to bringing rugby fans closer to the action, and enriching customers’ lives through the latest digital technology. This follows last year’s launch of O2 Matchday, a free multi-platform rugby app that uses exclusive Ref!Link technology to provide a live feed from the referees microphone directly to any device.

“It was great to work with O2 on the development of ‘Wear the Rose’, getting to see the technology used for the first time in sport was fantastic. We tried to re-create as authentic an England training session for rugby fans as possible, and we really hope they enjoy the experience.” - Mike Catt, England Attacking Skills Coach

Further details on ‘Wear the Rose’ from O2 will be released later this month, including where it will be possible to experience the technology first hand.

YouTube Preview Image


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C4 drop YouTube – Sports brands pay attention

Guest Post:  Matthew Quinn (@matthewaquinn) is currently ranked 22nd in the Top 50 VOD Professionals table, StreamUK’s Digital Solutions Director spent 10 years working for LiverpoolFC’s digital media department beginning with content production and eventually managing video systems and the strategic delivery of club media through TV, web and mobile outputs for both the official channels and club partners. He is now working with StreamUK to help several other Premier League Football clubs deliver their own video service.

This week Channel4 announced it was pulling all of its long form content from YouTube,

“As a not-for-profit broadcaster funded by advertising, we put our money back into the programmes themselves. To make the best of this investment, we’ve decided to focus on bringing online viewers of our full-length shows to our own 4oD apps – such as those on iOS, Android and channel4.com. These apps also allow us to encourage more viewing by recommending programmes we think people will appreciate, and to provide viewers with additional services.”

Should sports digital media departments be paying much attention to this? Damn right you should.

When it comes to YouTube in sports (specifically the English Premier League) I would like to see some reflection on this news and a review of the use of YouTube (and other social channels for that matter). Social media output from sports clubs has expanded rapidly over the last few years. There seems to have been a desperate clamber for vanity stats. When it comes to YouTube clubs should be focusing on its ability to attract fans who don’t use official media channels.

There is also an adjacent fan base who like a different sport or another team in a different country, they may have an affinity to your club by a player from their Nation or co-ownership of multiple sports ventures such as Red Sox/Liverpool, Man City/New York City FC. Give your audience something to entice them then do something with them that is positive for both parties. Avoid canibalising any existing commercial offerings (my real bugbear), gather as much useful data from these channels as possible and using all this information define and continuously redefine a strategy for YouTube that has a real value to the brand.

Don’t be afraid to pull something if it isn’t working, if something is working really well could it be used on the main site to greater effect?

Monetisation wise YouTube doesn’t maximise revenue potential for content owners as C4 have highlighted. As equally important YouTube just doesn’t allow brands to uphold their identity enough and viewers are a click away from an unofficial channel, an unrelated channel or something altogether unsavoury, not something you want associated to your brand. However from a marketing perspective YouTube can be used as a very powerful tool. The issue here is the often separate department objectives and strategies that don’t always complement each other.

Whole business strategies for online video need to be considered for the future given it’s potential across the board to help brands connect with their audience and generate new revenue opportunities. I’m not just talking about the commercial or marketing departments. Communications, internal and external, press, sports science, scouting, learning, community, all these departments can benefit from the clever use of this technology. Video is not just a commercial tool, it is the most powerful mass communication method out there so don’t fritter it on ineffective 3 minute YouTube clips.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying YouTube is evil, it is actually brilliant as for the lay user looking for content. But for a brand it needs to be used properly. There is always room for YouTube as part of a strategy, in fact it should most likely be mandatory for any brand using video, but defining it within a larger strategy is the key.

The reality of sports content being available in many places now means clubs need to embrace these social outlets to entice their audience, this requires content syndication. Technology strategies are no less important, it could be argued they go hand in hand. Importantly this is also another bit that could cost or save you money! Building content syndication into an efficient media workflow is critical.

No one should have to upload a video to 5 different platforms (Official Site, YouTube, apps, Vimeo, FTP or RSS syndication to partners, etc). It is timely, expensive and diminishes your potential to create more valuable content. So while you may look at your content strategies, always keep an eye on the “How” element of the equation.

Ultimately reflection is required here on your existing output, your targets and goals. An effective media strategy requires you to equip yourself with the right staff, the commitment from the business and the correct tools for the job. Ultimately aim to build your own FCoD/ClubTube service that serves the club, its partners and the fans as widely and as smartly as possible.


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Challenges remain for F1 to overcome as the role of branded content grows

Branded video content is becoming an increasingly important part of the marketing mix for F1 sponsors according to 9 out of 10 F1 marketing and brand experts.  With F1 experts looking for successful ways to reach and engage with their target audiences, the F1 world is increasingly turning to branded video content for that solution.

And it seems that this increasing confidence in branded content having a strong future in F1 will be backed up by marketing spend, with eight of ten of those surveyed in this month’s Blended Republic Study believing that marketing budget spent on branded content will be increased in 2014 (results shown on infographic at the bottom of this article).

Reasons for this predicted increase in marketing spend include;

  • As sponsorship becomes less about a logo, video content is becoming essential to allow a brand to tell its story in an articulate and engaging manner
  • The type of sponsors that are coming into the sport are much more consumer facing companies.  Video content is a core component for using their sponsorship as a platform to communicate with the consumers
  • Video is more interesting and attractive to much of the target audience than written or printed material, especially to the younger generation
  • Compelling content is becoming increasingly important to provide brands with an engaging point of difference and needs to be funded
  • Due to the growth of social media and the need to increase viral marketing using platforms such as YouTube, video footage is increasingly valuable

However, as F1 enters 2014, a number of challenges to creating successful branded content will remain that will need to be overcome in order for it to play a pivotal role in the future.

Over half of those surveyed believe that successful branded content relies on being creative to make the most of limited driver time or team assets, and measuring ROI was cited as another challenge (43%).

The Blended Republic Study has revealed that the top four perceived benefits of branded content are;

  • It gives brands the opportunity to amplify their sponsorship in an engaging manner through TV and social media (68%)
  • It creates a deeper emotional connection with the target audience (64%)
  • It allows the brand to tell a longer story that captures its values and messaging (54%)
  • It helps brands cut through the competitive noise of sponsor logos (42%)

However, there still remains some question marks over the best way to go about create successful content with 66% of those surveyed citing ‘knowing how to create content that will secure audience reach’ as the biggest challenge they face to creating successful F1 branded content.

As part of this month’s Blended Republic Study, F1 marketing and brand experts were also asked to judge the most successful sponsor and team videos of the 2013 F1 season.  There were two outright winners, with Johnnie Walker Step Inside: Jenson Button The Ultimate Walk receiving 70% of the votes for best sponsor video, and the Bruce McLaren: McLaren 50th Anniversary video receiving 60% of the votes for best team video.

Commenting on the survey results, Chris Sice, Managing Director of Blended Republic says:

“It is clear that F1 sponsors are keen to invest further in content marketing in 2014. The rise of social media coupled with F1’s huge broadcast audience makes it increasingly attractive.  The main challenge is how to create content that secures distribution and the audiences needed to deliver a significant ROI.”





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England and Scotland fans go Head to Head in battle for Vauxhall ADAM

England and Scotland will meet on the football field for the first time in 14 years and Vauxhall, the lead sponsor of both nations, is celebrating the big game by giving fans the opportunity to win a brand new Vauxhall ADAM.

The England and Scotland Vauxhall ADAMs have been designed by the stars of the respective national teams in a series of fun football videos, which include England’s Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Dean Sturridge, Sophie Bradley and Jill Scott and Scotland’s Robert Snodgrass, Barry Bannan and Gary Mackay-Steven.

The Auld enemy, who haven’t met since 1999, will lock horns again at Wembley on 14thAugust to celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Football Association and fans from both nations will get the chance to show how much they support their team during the build up to the clash.

Vauxhall are encouraging fans to send in their pictures of support for England and Scotland to their dedicated football website (www.vauxhallfootball.co.uk) with the best pictures being selected to form a St George’s cross and the Saltire on the brand new ADAMs.

Ten fans from each nation will then win tickets to the England versus Scotland game at Wembley with two fans going head to head in a penalty shoot out at half time on the pitch to determine who drives away with the new car.

Chris Hornbuckle, Head of Sponsorship at Vauxhall Motors, said;

“The return of the England versus Scotland fixture is something we are all very excited about and as lead sponsors of both nations we wanted to celebrate the game in style.  The competitive rivalry between the two nations is well known and we wanted to offer fans the chance to show their support for their nation and win a car designed by their heroes.  We are grateful to the players for taking part in the challenges and designing the ADAMs for their fans.  The competition activity will no doubt build up the anticipation for the game and we looking forward to seeing whether it will be England or Scotland driving away with an ADAM on the night of the game.”

They have put together a series of videos with England and Scotland players, challenging them to make changes to the cars.  But to make the change they need to complete a skills challenge first.  They are hosted by the enigmatic Chris Kamara!  Take a look below at a few of them in action.

In a good move by the brand they have enlisted the help of a recognised YouTube ‘star’ to help bootst awareness amongst football fans on the platform.  It’s a great way in which to boost viewer number and subscriber levels.  Here STR Skill School takes on the ADAM challenge;

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

To enter the Design an ADAM competition go to www.vauxhallfootball.co.uk


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The Digital Side Of Wimbledon 2013 – Who Is Doing What

The iconic Wimbledon Championships start on Monday, and looking ahead of the stand-out event in the Tennis calendar we’ll be going through what digital activations are around and about.

Where can you watch it?

First and foremost, the BBC are following-up last years’ Olympics Coverage with a similar 360 approach to Wimbledon. Viewers will be able to enjoy up to 10 live streams at once via computer, tablet, mobile and TV. Alongside this, there will be regular highlight clips and a regular column with Andy Murray on BBC Sport.

Sony haven’t got any headline Wimbledon activations but they, in conjunction with the BBC, are reported to be trialling their Ultra HD equipment that will allow them to capture 4K footage of Wimbledon. The BBC will then direct and use to record matches in the new format.

UPDATE: Wimbledon Social Section

On a daily basis Wimbledon, in partnership with IBM will be producing some social stats in relation to the day’s play. This is a great addition and emphasises Wimbledon’s commitment to social media in 2013. For example, today, Wimbledon announced:

- Most positively tweeted about
- Mentions of players
- Total Wimbledon-related tweets
- Tweets/minute or second
- Peak Twitter reach

The page also tracks popular hashtags, showing all photos under a competition hashtag of #shotoftheday and also showing all the Wimbledon social streams. It’s definitely worth a look.

The Official App

Wimbledon’s mobile app “in partnership with IBM” has been improved since last year, and alongside the latest news feed, scoreboard, schedule, photos, and video highlights, there will be “Live  @ Wimbledon Radio”, where users can listen to three channels covering The Championships and live match commentary.

wimble app

The app allows users to follow the progress of specific players and receive push notification alerts throughout the Championships. The app is available on iOS and Android for free.

IBM’s SlamTracker

On top of this, IBM and Wimbledon have a statistics-based activation called “SlamTracker”. This has been used already this season, but is definitely worth checking out. SlamTracker is an online dashboard that provides match-by-match predictions and analysis based on seven years’ worth of Grand Slam data, which works out at about 39 million data points. The system tracks data surrounding match outcomes by looking at a player’s aces, faults, errors, playing surface, and more. The dashboard then predicts the patterns likely to emerge in a pending matchup.

To all those thinking they could use it to win a few quid at the bookies, John Kent, program manager of IBM Worldwide Sponsorship Marketing, said:

“It’s not a prediction who will win; it’s a look at what each player needs to do well to have a higher likelihood of winning.”

For example, the dashboard will reveal that a player will need to win more than 72% of points on first serves or convert more than 60% of break point opportunities.  At the French Open, Djokovic, managed to win more than 48% of three-to-eight-shot rallies against Nadal, as SlamTracker prescribed, but he failed to win more than 44% of first-serve return points.


What else are the sponsors cooking up?

Jacobs Creek:              

Jacobs Creek are running a Facebook app to win 1 of 100 pairs of tickets for Wimbledon. They’re asking the user to share their Wimbledon stories to be in with a chance of winning. It’s a little dull, and it’s not made particularly obvious in what shape these stories are to be submitted but it’s worth having a look at. Jacobs Creek currently have hidden areas of the app, such as behind the scenes features, that will eventually liven it up.

Jacobs Creek


Evian have launched an ambitious campaign called the ‘Wimbledon Wiggle’. This focuses upon the stance made by players awaiting a serve and preparing a return. The Facebook app encourages users to submit their ‘wiggle’ to be in with a chance of winning Wimbledon tickets. As well as a Facebook app, Evian have a dedicated area on the Wimbledon.com website: http://evian.wimbledon.com/

Here’s the promo video and dedicated song:

YouTube Preview Image



Slazenger are giving away tickets to Wimbledon on Twitter. In a competition that could have been integrated with Facebook, users need to guess the number of tennis balls in a glass case to win tickets to the Wimbledon Final. It’s not clear where the case is positioned but it would have been nice to situate in a busy area of London as the case has the hashtag and call to action on the front.



Have followed a similar vein to Jacobs Creek and have launched a simple Facebook app with a “Spot the Ball” contest. The app is very one-dimensional, and could have been a lot better but it will no-doubt provide Robinsons with Likes, entries and data. Chosen winners will get VIP tickets to Wimbledon or Wimbledon merchandise.

robinsons wimbledon

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#whoisup For London?

Last week I wrote a post that focused on Eye of the Fan which is an innovative campaign run by Turkish Airlines.  This operates via a series of cameras that are attached to a ‘fan’ who has been given complete, unrestricted access to the ‘Final Four’ and reacts to tweeted requests from contributors.

Since then, Turkish Airlines have released a slick 2013 campaign teaser trailer (check it out below).  An addition to the 2013 campaign is ‘#whoisup’. This is a new hashtag to find someone to accompany the ‘UpTeam’ behind the scenes at the Final Four event in London. Users have to upload their favourite fan photo with the hashtag #whoisup to be in with a chance of joining the Team. Another addition is that the best tweets will be transferred into ‘fan-banners’ that will held up in the crowd for the arena to see – and also viewable by the TV audiences.This is a great example of an integrated multi-media campaign and I look forward to watching it in action.

YouTube Preview Image


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See Basketball Through the ‘Eye Of The Fan’

Guest Post:  Tom Kelk is a tech/sport blogger and Account Exec at global social media agency We Are Social.  You can find him on Twitter (@TomKelk), LinkedIn and his blog.

Eye of the Fan is a neat campaign run by Turkish Airlines to attempt to promote the basketball Euroleague through social media. Whilst basketball doesn’t have the biggest UK following, it is massively popular in mainland Europe and therefore, Eye of the Fan has received the required interest to return for a second stint.

Simply put, Eye of the Fan is a series of cameras attached to a ‘fan’ who has been given behind the scenes access to basketball matches and reacts to live requests from contributors. The heart of the campaign is its integration with social media. Those following the action can tweet their requests to the ‘Fan Cam’, who will duly oblige to the requests chosen by the ‘Up Team’ in London, and a team in Istanbul which will deliver tweets right to the ‘Fan’ in the O2 Arena. Further to this, these teams will keeping an eye on activity within the stadium and direct the Fan towards events of interest. This responsive caveat brings the fans closer to the game, but also engrosses them in the app.

This a great use of the popular go-pro equipment and fantastic to see it revolving around social media engagement. How well it captures the atmosphere of the stadium and an event is yet to be seen but there is clearly potential. The access to athletes away from the traditional media will certainly attract interest from the majority of sports fans who rarely see players in an ordinary light. The most important aspect to the success of this is the completely free-rein of the Fan who “will be going everywhere cameras normally can’t or won’t go to offer fans and media an exclusive behind the scenes view.” Fans can ask him to joke around with a player, chat with a manger or find the best-looking person in the crowd (see video…).

In my latest blog I spoke about Vine and how it could be used to capture an atmosphere and how clubs were not making the most of their assets and behind the scenes footage; Eye of the Fan manages this with a real-time and responsive element added-on.

Here is the video of the 2012 ‘Final Four’ and this gives an indication of what can be expected this time around. There have been no significant changes since last year’s campaign but the ‘Up Team’ intends to interact with contributors to a higher level than previously:

All the footage will be accessible on a constantly updated website and, once watermarked, can be fully integrated, embedded and shared across websites. Footage of the game itself will not be available due to licensing regulations.

In 2012 the Eye of the Fan Facebook app received 150000 visits; Eye of the Fan posts on the Turkish Airlines received 15000 likes in 3 days. Overall, the 2012 event received 3.7m impressions. It is hoped that the 2013 Eye of the Fan campaign will exceed these numbers by quite some distance.

Regardless of your interest in European basketball, this is a fascinating campaign and should be looked at. Eye of the Fan can be seen from 10-12th May when the Turkish Airlines Final Four will be broadcasting from the London O2 Arena. The ‘Final Four’ is the culmination of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague – the ‘Champions League’ of European Basketball. The top sixteen teams are currently fighting out to be involved in the ‘Final Four’. Before the Final Four tips-off, you can follow @eyeofthefan on Twitter and see what it has to offer.

It will be interesting to see where Eye of the Fan goes from here. There is a great potential in the idea. At the moment, Turkish Airlines have indicated that they are keen to focus on further communications through basketball and would welcome any opportunity to increase engagement and buzz alongside improving the content output.

There must be opportunities to translate this forward thinking approach over to other sports and hopefully brands will take a close look at the ideas behind this campaign.


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