Twitter Analysis: How Zlatan spoilt Gerrard’s big day

We have all heard about big Zlatan Ibrahimovic and how he took apart England on Wednesday night.  Was it the best goal ever scored?  I have my doubts – think Maradona v England, Carlos Alberto v Italy, van Basten v Russia, Messi v Getafe and I would even through in Mark Hughes v Spain.

It was certainly a great performance and overshadowed Steven Gerard’s 100th appearance in an England shirt.  There have been articles galore written about the goal but I wanted to look at a camparison between the two players on Twitter.

At the bottom of this page is a chart that shows mentions of the two players during this last week.  There have been many articles on Steven Gerrard ahead of the game and a promotional video from England sponsors Vauxhall to add their celebratory piece to the mix.

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What we saw was a steady rise in Gerrard mentions to around 14k – 15k mentions per day while Zlatan barely registered.  This rose a little when an interview came out with the Swede giving advice to the Liverpool player on how he should move clubs to win trophies (Liverpool have not won the league since 1991 whilst Zlatan has won 9 in 11 years – though 2 Juventus ones have been wiped off).

These mentions rose to around 25k for Gerrard the day before the game and then on the day to 50k as he lead his team out onto the pitch and England went into a 2-1 lead.

Then it happened…. THE goal.  Not only was it a great goal, he had already scored a hattrick by then and this topped it off.  It was a wonderful, cheeky attempt that came off, there are few other players in the world with the confidence and audacity to even try it.

This lead to the number of mentions to almost 250,000!!  #Ibrahimovic was trending during the evening and into the next day as the plaudits for his performance rolled in and people debated whether it was the greatest there has ever been.

Below is the chart of mentions and you can see how it almost goes off the chart.  Twitter proves itself over and over again as the place that people go to when showing their reaction to a moment and gets even those who didn’t see it to talk about it and look it up (as I did).  It is the watercooler of our times.

As it’s a friday then why not enjoy this video of Alan Partridge commentating on the goal.  “The proof is in the pudding, and in this case the pudding is a football”!

Life is best served with a smile :)

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Cool Jobs: Project Manager and Digital Assistant at Man City

The latest digital job we have come across on the vast web is an exciting one…actually there are two!  The club in question is Manchester City, they are world renowned as leaders in digital sport with a great team who work relentlessly on staying on the ‘cutting edge’.

They recently walked away from the Football Business Awards as winners of the ‘Best Use of Innovative Technology’ award and the department is headed up by the likes of Russell Stopford and Richard Ayers.  Both are regulars on the speaking circuit and are mentioned in almost everything to do with digital football.

Enough of the bigging it up of the club, after all I’m a United fan (and wish they followed City’s lead in this space).  Below are details of the jobs involved.  Go to the Man City website to apply and good luck!


Project Manager

Working within the Digital team at Manchester City, the Project Manager will oversee the implementation of various technical and digital/media developments on the Official City Websites and digital channels and well as third party digital channels.

You’ll report into the Digital Delivery Manager and Head of Digital to prioritise and plan the digital development schedule. This role touches on many departments throughout the Club – Partnerships, Marketing, Communications, CITC, Sales and Service, Operations and potentially Football all require the services of this role.

You’ll be working with third party digital media, mobile and web suppliers.

Key Tasks

  • Implement various projects with third party developers to move the Club’s international digital presence forward.
  • Execute release plan.
  • Testing and deploying.
  • Working with the Digital Delivery Manager and Head of Digital to manage and launch various global, regional and local digital products.
  • Working with Partnerships to launch new digital collaborations.
  • Assist in testing and launches.
  • Keeping within budget and timeframes allocated.
  • Delivering multi-language projects in an increasing number of international territories.

Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent in planning and delivery to a high standard.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate progress.
  • Must be able to deliver when faced with tight deadlines and constraints.
  • Must be able to work closely with many departments.
  • Will ideally have technical skills such as image editing, html and coding knowledge, understanding of infrastructure.
  • Strong process and project methodology skills.
  • Ability to use fluently all MS office applications including MS Project and experience of using a wide variety of collaborative project management tools (please specify)


Preferred experience would include and not be limited to:

  • Managing development of multi lingual sites.
  • Developing cross device applications and channels.
  • Working with international suppliers and teams.
  • Working with methodologies including Agile development.
  • Working on varied Content Management Systems.
  • Project management qualifications or ability to demonstrate thoroughly trained in a high-pressure multi-project environment


  • Knowledge of CMS technology.
  • Understanding of new and emerging technologies.
  • Insight into local markets and demonstrate an understanding of different cultures and processes.
  • Good understanding of costs and timeframes from various different types of digital suppliers.
  • Knowledge of football is desirable but not essential.

Personal Attributes

  • Must be able to share and communicate progress and updates.
  • Work closely as part of a small newly formed team.
  • Be proactive and conscientious, take the initiative while maintaining the Clubs’ high standards.

Location: City@Home, Etihad Stadium, Etihad Campus, Manchester M11 3FF

To apply please submit your CV and covering letter to quoting vacancy reference VS/254-22112012 AND your name in the subject.

Closing date: Friday 30 November 2012, 5pm


Digital Assistant

This position is to provide much needed assistance and support the digital delivery team and their customers as the demands on the team grow.

Working with the Digital Delivery Manager to prioritise updates across the channels, this role touches on many departments throughout the Club – Partnerships, Marketing, Communications, CITC, Sales and Service, Operations and potentially Football all require the services of this role.

Key Tasks

  • Use the Club’s Content Management System to update content throughout the website
  • Managing the updates to the Auctions website:
    • Including managing the prize funnel.
  • Supporting the social channels through moderation.
  • Collating insights across the MCFC channels.
  • Creating, modifying and photoshopping imagery for the Club’s channels in keeping with the brand attributes.

Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to understand new systems quickly.
  • Basic HTML skills.
  • Good image and photography skills.
  • Ability to organise and work independently.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office.
  • Person will be willing to expand on digital skills and formalise skills where necessary.


  • Good experience working within a digital team on a website.
  • Good experience working on content managements systems, preferably Sitecore.
  • Understanding of Auctions, different types of bids, auction software and operational process.
  • Regular and involved use of social media both personal and company profiles.
  • Experience of collecting statistics with a view to learning how to interpret these.


  • Knowledge of the Club’s digital portfolio.
  • Knowledge of the Clubs brand values and how to execute these digitally.
  • Knowledge of social media and its challenges.

Personal Attributes

  • Must be hard working and willing to learn the many areas of digital delivery the club has.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate work load and priorities.
  • Must be able to manage their own time and work independently as well as being a keen team member.
  • Must be able to work to high standards and within a fast paced environment.

There may be occasions when the Digital Assistant will be needed to work match days to support the Content team and digital initiatives.

Location: City@Home, Etihad Stadium, Etihad Campus, Manchester M11 3FF

To apply please submit your CV and covering letter to quoting vacancy reference VS/253-22112012 AND your name in the subject.

Closing date: Friday 23 November 2012, 5pm